Pull odds change?

Y’all done any pulls? I completed and offer and used pass to make two ten pulls

6* gator
5* Maggie
5* Dr. Stevens
5* Ascendable Beta.

Another faction mate did a 40 pull and got a slew of 5*s as well.

Odds changed in prep for reveal? Fluke?

Nah. The RNG gods kissed your friend on the cheek.

They gave you a San Diego Thank You.


This wasn’t a premier pull, just from 5* tokens, psyched cause he already has a twin as my leader. And two pulls before that ascendable Ty from 5* tokens as well.

I did a hundred pulls and got nothing useful

Odds suck or I’m cursed

Either way, thanks for nothing $copely

5s are the new 4s 4s are the new 3 so increased 5s in a 6 era are going to become more common. Especially since most 5*s are useless.

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I do think the odds been changed since I and a few others in cullman started pulling 5s from single pulls. I’ve never pulled a 5* off single pulls before until last week. I pulled two 5*s out of seven or eight singe pulls within the same week.

I think everything has just moved over one.

So 4* drop in place of 3*. 5* drop in place of 4* and maybe 6* has the same rate as 5* used to be. I don’t have proof or anything I only say this because I did a ten pull and got 2 5* after the lunar new year change. Before that I would be lucky to get even 1 4* in a ten pull. Does this make sense?

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Lol… nope. Only good thing about a 10 Pull recently is not getting kicked in the balls with 9 3* :see_no_evil:


Same here. I feel your pain. Sad puppy agrees.


Sounds plausible since 5 stars are essentially what 4 stars back when the 5 stars were king. They have little current value outside of points for a level up and fodder. They should be 10x more generous with giving them out.