Pull chance increases with pulls?


Has anyone seen a change in pull chances?
If so would 4 10 pulls give better odds than a 40 pull for example.


I think they’re just referring to the guaranteed 5 star by the 40th pull.


Never in a million years was the chances of pulling an ascendable 1% prior to this, more like 0.01%.

Having said that, I’m by no means certain that’s it’s 1% now. This is Scopely.


1% seems right in my experience, but interested to know if anyone has seen these odds increase after pulling.


This note seems to be on every wheel. So not so sure it’s about the guaranteed 5star.


The guaranteed 5* is guaranteed, no odds involved. The odds come into play to see if you get an extra 5*, ascendable 5* or a 6* within the 40 pull bracket.

Am I right, @kalishane?


No. What about the other wheels ? Do the chances increase to get an ascendable 5* if I pull a few non ascendable from the token wheel ?


It “may” increase is ambiguous. It’s doesn’t state what the odds increase by when doing a 40 pull.


I think the may improve with pulls just relates to the 40 pull guarantee.

In general you have a 5% chance of pulling a 5 star, but of you’ve already pulled 39 times on this current wheel that chance improves to 100%.

Although after that point you chances shrink back to 5%.


Explain it on the other wheels then. Does pulling 4stars on prestige increase the chances for 5stars. We need answers.


Check out my video on the new update with the odds explained … https://youtu.be/Me5OPKeh7YM

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Ok this explains it best i guess. :thinking:


The may increase aspect, is related to the fact that they have the duplicate reduction algorithm. So, the more you pull the better the chance to land the promo character.


How do you improve a 100% chance?


There’s also the reduced chance of pulling duplicates, I believe that is on most wheels.

It could also just be a standard disclaimer they decided to just put on everything. Doesn’t mean odds will for sure improve with pulls, just that they might.


Nice catch. Maybe they may give you one more pull…


It’s a generic disclaimer and is on ALL the wheels. It’s ambiguous in the fact that the more you pull the more chances u have at obtaining a rarer character OR a certain character. All wheels add up to 100%


You could reach 100.1% :smile: … jk


No it doesn’t each pull is individual so you still have a 100 in a hundred chance of getting a 6* but it doesn’t show % chance of getting the 6* actually on the premiere offer


Chance of getting Mirabelle in trainer offer 0.2%