Public Service Announcement: Staff Attention Needed ASAP


RESOLVED. ( I still hope you do/did some test pulls just to be sure though.)

There is a 4* Mark in the wheel. The odds don’t list 4*s. So I don’t believe this was intended.

I just want to bring this to the attention of the developers. (Thus the dramatic title). I think for safety this wheel needs to be investigated and a bunch of test pulls in-house to make sure it’s working properly (odds, contents, and all).

There was an incident before. Commonly refered to as “Viktorgate”, a “bugged wheel”, where the odds where not as intended, which is why I believe there should be concerns about this one in it’s current state.

I reccommend that players do not to pull until this is investigated. To avoid bugged pulls.

@JB.Scopely @CombatMan @Agrajag @Shawn.Scopely

(I don’t know who’s most appropriate to address this to, apologies.)


Someone might have brought this up, I didn’t read the other threads. But I thought making a dedicated thread about this would get it attention faster.


Just put a thread up about him. They really need to get their acts together


Just a minute apart. I’m glad I put myself through watching the wheel… though I stopped only a bit after Mark. Catch anything after?


Nothing else besides 5 stars after that thankfully


No just him


And you have 15 tokens already?. Keep Spending, err Surviving :rofl:


Or maybe do take a chance at pulling. The real bug could be that the wheel currently guarantees a 6* lol.

That’s a joke… clarification felt neccessary.


Anything that is not an ascendable 5* should be removed. Anything short of that will miss the mark in all events like this moving forward.


95% is ridiculous of pulling non ascend


I think I flagged my own post when I meant to delete it lol. I forgot the ghost token (whatever they are called) is not from the roadmap. I had coins left over from leagues, did a few ads to get 250. Took a shot at the one crate.


I guess happy Halloween 1st gator than 5* collect that alot of them all or 3 out of 4 now 95%


Off topic. I know. But I figured out the… umm… how do I say this without saying the word that got my posts THAT WORD in the first place… I think you’ll figure it out through that cryptography. lol

How long has that been a thing? Don’t answer that. Will just get … THAT WORD… again. Pretty dumb if you ask me…


Already deleting posts? Andrea must be bored. Wasn’t even delete worthy.


Oh what did I say now.


mark is going to be ascendable to a dual reviving shield !


Well done. Fast by typical standards.

I still despise everything else about the wheel but that’s MY problem… I guess. :disappointed_relieved:


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