PU you selfish spenders

You created a group of spenders and “f2p” hypothetically to make the game better. You blame creators that they make ppl quit and fun is less and less interesting.

So you will see now how selfish you are.
Let’s ask some help from you to begin with. How about all players that have tags to your group lower their defences for the rest of the war when you have opponents below #60th place and let them win?

Come on…proof what exactly you group was made for.


I’d be very much down for this.


they give a lot of money to scopely to pay for the game so that doesnt seem selfish haha

on the other hand, asking people who grind or pay more to not use the teams they earned, just so others can get rewards above their team grades… hmmm


But why? Its players United against scopelys greed. Not players United to support eachother. Anyone not in my faction is an enemy in manner of speaking .


Hmmm… #PU are all about: we need to close the gap. Between them and Scopleys greed? Or p2p and f2p?


Just make war opponents faction league based, then your on a level playing field and War will be fun (best wars are always against someone just as good as you)


I certainly wouldn’t spend or not spend for the sake of making harder opponents. I want bug fixes and for them to stop pushing putting new unbalanced characters in every week.

League based means that Bronze league CRW winner will get the same prize as Diamond league CRW winner. Never gonna happen.

Nah everything has to be scaled bud, the fun with War is fighting someone on a par with you just mho

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Everyone has to be United in order for communism to work…

I see your point, but “scaled” is basically new divide. I.e. Diamond will get OP promo, Platinum a decent 6*, ect… And they will be fighting strictly inside their leagues. So the whales are constantly facing each other nonstop? That’s not what are they paying for.

This game is not about survivors and walkers, its about desires and insecurities. And Scopely is playing on those strings. A whale can stop spending. Its easy. And force Scopely to IMMEDIATELY fix their game. But hey maybe a couple of tournies they will not feel like a winner. That price is too high, right?) Too high comparing to lets say a 1.000$ for Zach.

I don’t think top 30 on leaderboard will have a problem if they loose some fights against #60 or below. You can use your money team against stronger opponents unless you always fight low teams.

If you want the game to be better, how about YOU make the start?


i already do lower defense against teams rank 20 and lower.

I am in Wolf Pack, from Conecuh. And I am a #Playersunited supporter.


It’s a tough one we are not getting anything out of war since 16 regions it’s killed us no motivation and no reward (no pull in 6 months on War wheel)

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Yes, calling people names is certainly the best way to get your view across and make it happen :roll_eyes:.

We lower our defense depending on the rank, but no, letting you win is silly. Play more and grind for your milestones just like everyone else.


Doesn’t work that way Ricky. Cant get milestones when all you get per match is 100 to 400 points depending on how fast they kill your camp. Everyone needs to quit throwing around the lie about grinding getting you anywhere. it doesn’t. the only ones who can win with that philosophy is the whales who buy it and those who already have competitive teams. For those of us whose defense last seconds in war and our attack can’t touch anyone, we get nothing from grinding. it’s a failed lie.


I already said I lowered defense. So get your four hits in. You don’t have to win the match.

And it’s exactly why on the PU post I’ve been advocating for attack toons. And why I think Hershel and Maggie won’t help.

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Just dial it back a couple metas :joy:. Seriously, I’m in group A & f2p so I can’t scratch the top defenses. I just started going in kamikaze style with Shawn vs these payback teams.

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Ive been playing for 3.5 yrs. I’m on every hour. I joined a top 3 faction for about 3 months trying to build up my team. I was in top 3 points producers in all faction events except war. (Raids due to dropped def) i am ranked about 250 in rep. But can’t beat anyone above 300 with my S9+. I grind. A lot. Screwply doesn’t give me anything. still using same team from a yr ago.


I agree. I’ve been advocating that f2p need attack toons to keep the game fresh. Hopefully they will listen with this new movement and player council.

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