#PU report card of Scopely Promises : Day 35

Slight delay, because we are all “exhausted”.

But, we are commited to regular communication and evaluation of any progress. Hint hint

Folks have said this is too long to read. Well, focus on the bold texts and notes because it’s what’s new.

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We are still invested in #PU.
We will continue to focus our energies towards Scopely, and not towards each other.




Well said.

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There communication promise is just extremely poor and not well thought out and they should have included a separate bullet point for customer service.

With reflection on that please check out my post CONSTRUCTIVE ANALYSIS OF WHAT CUSTOMERS NEED + PC ISSUES for an analysis on Scopely customer service wise.

But great work and overall analysis, representing facts and the customer point of view #PlayersUnited. I encourage more customers to join and make your opinions heard, as the PU is about all of us


Guess the 1k tokens for a free war pull isn’t considered communication for the war getting canceled? Duly noted.


And the free ice cream cones/blue keys…I think they are working.

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Reads nicely, informative and a little sassy.


How many threads of complaining did it require though? They switched the calander 4 days ago? It’s for sure a nice gesture, however, this should be expected in advance.

I do agree there have been more efforts… but as I wrote in a different thread, everything is secondary to S Class and what their plan is for it.

I saw you write that gen 2 toons still work against S class, But I am not sure about that. I have friendly dueled him a lot and it’s tough sledding. I can’t see many combos beating Laopo, Elle, Elle, Wayland and wayland outside of one.


Its compensation for sure which is a positive change.
But just looking at their promises and what has been achieved this last week I’d say that grade is fair.
What would you grade scopely?

It’s not communication for war being cancelled. It is Scopelys way of as they have advised of providing compensation for it being cancelled. A week later no less.

Please, we need to start listening to customers, yes some may use terms that may offend or seem to be attacking, but we must get to the root of why this is so. Removing the why, removes customers on going frustrations that they have had not for weeks or months but for YEARS.

A more customer focused mindset should always be at the core of any action and in turn that improves customer retention, profits and advertising.

This can be achieved by Scopely hiring professional staff who are trained and held accountable to proactively solve customers issues and if Scopely don’t know where to start, then hiring professional outside consultation.

Customers should never feel hated or of a nuisance as we feel now and through that may approach the company with disdain and mistrust. It’s up to Scopely, the company, It’s employees to change that.


  1. Gott be 7 char.

C-- overall

Effort category B
Listening category C

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There were zero threads complaining about why war was removed from the calander? That’s quite false.

You said how many did it require. To my knowledge I didn’t read nor pay attention to it.

We collective said they cancelled war they should make it right. In my opinion they made it right.

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You guys aren’t the only ones with voices. Or are you saying we shouldn’t even bother complaining on here and just let you guys deal with all the issues? Because there were numerous threads as soon as the calander was changed without any information.

If your saying they will only listen to you guys, then that’s pretty pathetic.


Thank you for posting this. Yes! Sadly, I agree with all of these grades. @JB.Scopely and (the mostly anonymous) @GR.Scopely

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No I’m saying I didn’t see it nor did I need to be told. Their issue they need to fix it.
I’m basically saying as soon as war was cancelled my mind went to the F2P need those tokens. Period.


Don’t you think they should go to that mindset without your help?

And again, I appreciate any step. But the grade is reasonable in terms of communication. Waiting for days is unnecessary. Perhaps not an F but a D certainly.


I agree personally that they did make it right as far as war and the compensation given, I’m 100% satisfied with it but I’m ToC participant so I can’t speak for none ToC. However the issues remain with other things certainly, I know you all are doing your best and I hope to see scopely continuing to do things and be their best but the pressure must stay on.


1000 war tokens is not communication.
It is compensation.
For cancelling an event. Again.

Communication about cancelling the event was done like a ninja. The calendar was changed. Nothing was said until players started asking. 5 days later Scopely gives 1000 war tokens.

Meanwhile, they screwed up level up events.

So overall, communication may be improved from 2 months ago. But looking at everything they count as communication it still sucks.