PU is joke. Please

WTH guys? scopely made some amazing changes and you complaining?! Be happy. Month ago we wouldnt even get free 5* nor Sclass 6*. We got free S class toon ffs…


It’s only meaning one thing, the reset is coming. But nice gift tho


I think the free S-Class was a great move, but can’t sweep everything that existed as a problem prior under the carpet


:slight_smile: yea I bet ya

yep have a s class, takes 3 months to max
hopefully between then u can spend like crazy and ur happy


Il stop complaining when they add an S class Kenny.Then il sell some lungs and skin.Skin can go up to 10€ per inch


James wants to know your location

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How much for a left lung?

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You are clueless

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If you haven’t noticed the reset is already here

Technically not as S-Classes aren’t available for purchase yet

Wait so they give us an S class regardless of how much time it takes for u to get it,and you think PU didn’t contribute at all?
Imo this wouldn’t have happened without PU

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Um yeah they are but ok

They are with collectibles, not directly like 6 stars

I have people in my faction that has bought them soooo yeahhhh you can buy them bud

Giving everyone an S-Class was a great gesture but they shot themselves in the foot because now we all get to see how OP they are compared to regular 6*s

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Very true, however, what folks are failing to realize and acknowledge is that, by the time that this free S-class is able to be upgraded… they will have released another 3-4 new op S-class characters rendering either of the free ones useless.

I mean, Christa is useful at tier 1 as well lol,the s class with stats on steroids also bumps up your attack team rating and you get more points in raids/arena

You clearly don’t get it. To get S Class characters you can’t just buy them from premier and possibly get them on single pulls or 10 pulls and etc. You need to drop hundreds of dollars (unless you saved up massive amounts of coins) to get enough ITEMS to get them from collections. They aren’t available for direct purchase.

Do you not read English ? I have faction mates that are dropping insane amounts to get the collectibles to buy them ! And I’m sure there are plenty others doing it as well … yes it costs more but they are still purchaseable ! Now quit arguing that it’s not