PU has failed massively

If you’re still using that stupid #… Just stop. You’re not fooling anyone anymore.
If you think that the recent “updates/changes/fixes” are a result of that fake movement, then you’re ignorant to the truth.
The game is far worse now than when that “movement” started…

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sarcastic applauses

How many of these threads do we need?


It’s like saying if the country is on the decline, the revolutionaries are at fault not the government that regulates the changes. Even though revolutionaries sacrificed their time and patience to make the government realise the importance of vital changes, they get blamed, instead of the corrupt government…logic over 9000!
I’ll leave it at that



Really, you’re wrong.
At least scopley answers some of our demands


What do you care? Let people do what they want, no ones hurting you by using it.

Have to admit I have started doubting it and losing hope with these pay to play toons for the red velvet cake collections not one free to play which needs to change but hasn’t. These event wheels and extremely difficult roadmaps do not benefit free to play or a mild spender as the pulls are just going to be trash and to get the tokens the roadmaps are way to difficult for FTP and mild spenders as they are buffed yet nothing has changed.

Another thing are reward which most can agree that in every event (other than onslaught) the rewards are pretty pathetic and trash which also needs to change unless people will just lose interest in events and nothing has been done about it.

In all honesty I am on the fence with this yes I know they exist but are the making a difference from what I have seen no or notice massive ones

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Priya is F2P.

Didnt you quit ? Who cares what you think.

Only for high levels

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How many of these threads do we need every week? Like what’s the point of saying this so much? It make you people feel all warm and fuzzy inside? Seriously go get a life

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Sclass yes, but the regular one was definitely achievable.

You say that but when players have a full 5* or poor six star team they won’t be able to complete the second part of the roadmap which usually means they are in a low faction meaning even less rewards overall

Well, for very new players maybe not yet, but I couldn’t get the toon in my first two events (New Threat Dwight and Wyatt), that’s just part of starting out. Today, if you claimed the free Sclass toons and use a decent faction ally, you should be able to beat he map without issues.

I’m in a mid tier faction, and pretty much all factions on that level are desperate for actives, no matter the level. Literally, I spend quite a bit of time going through the bottom of the faction ranking looking for new players in dead factions. In most regions, just being willing to help fill the queue a couple times during war weekend and maybe gather some FA tickets will guarantee you a spot in a top 10 faction, or at least one that has a shot at top 160 in CRW.

If you’ve been playing regularly since she came out, not even super actively or successfully, you can have the regular version by now without problems. Getting her was probably easier than many of the event toons this year (Piper was a huge pain).

#PlayersUnited bruh :fist: :smirk:


I got her F2P simply by having BAC from a previous war wheel and focusing on ice cream only. Was able to get her S Class by having her 6* maxed at her collection. So shes achievable by F2P, it just takes a long while

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Was it possible to have enough cake at the time of the BA Cooper collection? I got him from the free compensation pull, but did not have enough cake.

Maybe if your faction held the choc cake/velve cake choice box territory? That’s something that’s definitely not possible for most factions, given that the top faction tends to hold 2-3 of the special territories.

I can’t remember how long we held the territories for, I do remember getting cakes from the wars that happened. I just know for a fact none of the cakes were from premier pulls because I didnt pull on that wheel until raven came back

There was only one war with cakes up to that point, which had 200 in the milestones. At least 300 must have come from war placement and the territories then. Given that @Samuel1 was talking about low-level players, going over 25 cakes from war rewards seems unlikely, as does holding the territory for more than one choice box, if at all.

But it wasn’t necessary to get the BA Cooper collection; the stuff they handed out free, roadmaps, Onslaught, basic war rewards would certainly have been enough.

Definitely. Even without the BAC collection I still wouldve had enough for everything but the S Class herself, which would’ve just taken a bit longer but still be doable