#PU doesnt care to scopely

Just look the picture


Lol rip!

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Depends on what the collection item is handed in for - if it is just Romanov then they are indeed ignoring what people have been posted and passing onto JB for the last 2-3 weeks.

Considering you get 14 pulls for a lvlup win 0.5% should be kind of expected.


They’re likely only for Romanov.

Is this a leak or something I can’t find that wheel

Yes (7 chars)

Are they serious??? But hey what’s new? Disappointed once again yeet

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These are the rewards from level ups,so there are quite a few tokens on offer, but if Denise is the best this wheel has to offer then it’s another 3 weeks of wasted time.

Lol @JB.Scopely so much for improving the game, the last token event was complete crap, this one is even worse. .5% chance to get a toon? Almost as big a joke as you


My god this is worse than burts :laughing::laughing::laughing: you guys surely don’t understand English cuz no one is that stupid not even if you were trying hard to be stupid you won’t be that much stupid !

Take it to the team @JB.Scopely , @GR.Scopely


If he’s the only thing the collection items are for then those of us who already have this turd are screwed :joy:

Would rather have 5* tokens to have a shot at Donny. I see they’re in the wheel but getting Denise does no good.

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I just seen it doesn’t tell you the amount you can get of 5*tokens, and knowing scopely you could get less then 10000 for one pull with 14 tokens for 1st place lol
And Donny is awesome btw, on both defence and offence, I want a second for a defence team lead

Summer token wheel is horrible. Scopely straight up trolls


I thought it looked decent… then I saw the odds.

You know 99% of those 0.5% odds will be kal or ryker…

And yet, 10m lvlup scores will persist


Sitting at 3,600+ roster as i refuse to level for garbage


I’ve kept most of mine in crates and bags, you reckon it’s worth opening them all up?

Sadly you are correct. People can’t help themselves

They’re people who freak out if they don’t get top 50 because they think it makes them look bad.