PSA about event ending soon

Be aware the event ends in less then 5hrs museum ends in less then 7hrs, going by past events plus being the weekend, it’s 50\50 odds they will push the rewards in the less then the 2hrs between. So if you want to collect any of the museum keep a eye out set a timer.
I almost did not post this but I’ve had it happen to me in the past. I also kinda like the rage on the forums after these events they give no warning about except at the start.


Finale offer is in the shop if anyone needs stuff!

It says 50\50% getting the items needed, so in reality you’ll get the tokens. Maybe if it wasn’t $15 and only cost $0.50 a try it would be worth the gamble. But to each their own.

I was lucky and got the sewing kits I needed

The Sr had matches I believe.
The bigger point though is that if you didn’t pay attention the museum collection ends in 2hrs

Rewards include nothing for museum, no need to wait, just cash in…

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I was lucky and got the scaples I needed thought for sure I was going to get screwed !(^o^)!


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