Pryia leader skill

Hi scope.
Why the difference?
Which is the good stat?
Is it only a visual bug?

If you mean Leader Skill, I’m not sure why it should be showing differently. If it’s the difference in attack stats, it’s because the bottom image has 30 rings on them.

S-Class leader skill should be 50% attack and not 30% as it is shown on the top image.

1 says 30% the other 50%. the 50% should be the correct stat

Visual issue, someone on my faction has it listed in French incorrectly too but the +50% attack bonus does apply. You can check the math on your team by going through how the bonuses are applied :slight_smile:

It has to do with the exchange rate.

I know u treat us as a colony but still :joy:
Thx for the answers

If there’s any difference, it’s usually because of translation error that might/might not impact how it actually works in-game.

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