Prya’ s lead bonus?

Could anyone confirm the atk lead bonus of prya S please? Thought it was 50%… but toon depicts a 30%. Ty

Where are you seeing it shown as 30%? Show a picture.

5* Priya - 30%
6* Priya - 40%
S Class Priya - 50%


It should be 50% attack with huge AP.

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it is 50% attack as an S class -to my understand there is some translation issues in other languages at the moment. Do you play in another language other than English?

Yep, french… ty 4 ur answers :grinning:


Games broken my Priya doesn’t double attack and the weapon on my other Priya reads 330 power even thou fully upgraded, Laipo still doesn’t work list goes on

Who cares? If these ones don’t work they make some new ones for whales to buy. Supposedly they will work. But in case they also don’t… You got it - Scopely will make some new ones.

As long as people buy bugged toons Scopely have zero reasons to fix them. More profitable just to release something new then to fix something players already paid for. Logic.

You’re welcome, it read the same for some French players in my faction too

I worked my butt off for them :pensive:

@GR.Scopely please look at this and take it to the team

Date: GR, where would you take me on a date?
@GR.Scopely : I would take you to the team

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It’s a visual bug . I think the French man in scopley smoke weed every day .
It’s not just Priya . Many toons have a different description from what’s it supposed to be
For example
5* Audrey
In the French version it says that she’s a drop leader while she’s not

Go ahead make sure by yourself

Just test her while building a team
Here’s how

Clearly Priya is giving 50% attaque bonus while Ramanov gives less with 30% attaque (see Tobin attaque )

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