Provide Contents of Bags/Crates in Inventory

I’m a hoarder so I have a bunch of random bags and crates. Usually I open all gear related bags/crates right away since there’s no limit on my gear inventory, but I save character type ones until I need it. However, there are times that the crate is not labeled with useful info and I don’t recall if it’s supposed to be gear or trainers:

Or if there’s something in my inventory that I want to open, but either forgot where it came so I don’t know what the prize is supposed to be or if I got it recently but again forgot what the prizes are supposed to be.

My suggestion is that when you press the “i”, it shows you what COULD be in the bag/crate. The current information as show in my example is not useful at all.


Agree , that would be nice

I could not agree more. Please let us know what the contents are when it is sitting in our inventory. @kalishane


Agreed, the info must be stored, just link it to the description button.

I started to collect them as well. Great and useful suggestion. :+1:t4: