Props to scopely

Having 6 territories open is nice and appreciated. I’d rather have 8 total instead of 6 or 1 hour ticks but it is way better than I anticipated.


I came here to say the same thing! Its much better. Grateful they listened!

Further improvements;
-CHOICE boxes (that way every single person is happy. Infact every single thing you give us should be in the form of a choice box).
-More territories open (just cuz we care about the little guys too!)
-Hourly collections (just cuz we are a wonderful player base who deserves easy stuff every so often :innocent::face_with_hand_over_mouth:)


It’s good that they opened more but it doesn’t really matter when the top 3 have 2 special territories each. Imo a way they can make it better is at a certain amount of time they kick out the current faction if it held the territory for x hours straight.

They really nerfed the distribution rate though

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@GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely

Take this to the team please!

Keep the amount open at a time at 6 or more like it is now please! That is great! Hell, open all 10!

Change the rate back to 1 hour.

Make them choice boxes. This way we as a faction can grab a territory and each member choose what item they want, i am very close to pete and lao po but some fac mates have pete already and would be a waste for them if we took a key territory lets say. The choice box would be great for faction members to choose whatever toon they are working on/close toward.

Oh, and why are some amount lower? Some are 15 and some are 35 :man_facepalming:

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Because they’re jerks. Also… should be some shotgun shells!!

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Scopely you’ve been a very bad boy or girl. All that for just a few items. You’d have to quadruple the hourly gain for it to be worth it. I refuse to fight it out over 35 to 15 per hour.

My faction went for the hengyen collectables, it’s weird that Scopely would throw up cones and hengyen cakes since no one has really focused on hengyen

We grabbed both heng yen terris also, i want lao po and heng yen most but thought it was strange to put heng yen items and not keys or bullets but i guess it will be good since heng yen is who i will focus on after lao po

Definitely better being 6. Still, every 2 hour collection and as little as 15, and considering that you can’t get a territory the second it drops… All that fighting for a 15 collectable territory gets you a maximum of 165 collectables. For the 35s the max you can get is 385.
This is all assuming you hold the territory for the whole time you get 3.85% of an Sclass at best.
Definitely room for improvement. But yes - much better than 1 or 2 territories.

I have mentioned this before that this is a tactic scopely uses. For example, if i get all C in school, and then i get a few A+, i get praise maybe even reward for that A, when in reality i can always get that A but i get C on purpose so i still pass the class but also A isnt expected of me. Where if i always got A+ and then got a few C, i would let people, parents, teachers, etc down and maybe even be punished. Scopely uses this tactic.


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