Proposal to deal with Aging Regions



Let’s talk about the older playerbase, the originals, i.e. those guys that joined up first year of global official release. There’s still a lot of them around, and they’re getting stuck in monotonous cycles in those old regions with nothing to do but transfer elsewhere to another slightly less older region or make new accounts in new regions to shake things up.

Things are getting stale for them, which creates boredom, and less desire to want to spend money in a region where they face the same old people with the same teams - and with new league’s features, there’s less incentive to want to risk joining new factions for loss of placement.

So I propose this: why not have a system where older regions are merged with each other based on region age and activity?

You solve a lot of issues with this-

  1. Condensing multiple server instances to single server instances: lowers server workload while increasing player activity levels per instance/region. This is a more efficient server usage to cost model because you maximise player activity per region when combining two (or more) regions into one, so there is less wasted space (inactivity) per managed region.
    As a side note: when making new regions you could just take an older merged region’s server instance, recycling previously used server resources instead of buying or creating more server space/bandwidth.

  2. Reward distribution efficiency: less regions = less server usage determining reward distribution and placement in leaderboards. This could also be helpful in global events (dependent on how theyre handled) like the cakes/candles recent events where it took days for some people to recieve rewards.

  3. New faces, new challenges: players will have a whole region’s worth (or more) of new competition to challenge themselves with- new alliances, more factions overall to contend with, and less of a f2p/p2p gap between the spectrum of players available in newly merged regions.

  4. Essentially restores life to older regions: instead of having those same top 1-3 factions winning every event, server merges will be more chaotic. Factions will break apart or be reinforced, granting new opportunities for those people who work hard but don’t quite make it to the top. Increased competition could mean increased spending (hint hint Scopely).

Additionally I would like to add that with initial server merges, offering special packages and perhaps a free gift of various energy cans and trainers and gold etc. would be helpful in reinvigorating the newly formed region. Consideration should be given to possibly expanding prize tiers, and temporarily increase value of rewards for new merges. Give the players a launching pad to start from, so to speak.

Ultimately from player view, it could be seen as giving a free transfer key thats mandatory use. As far as if the players have another account in that region, give a choice ahead of time as to which to keep as the main account of those regions, and you could either remove the others or make them a “sub-region” account and create a drop down list of which character you would like to log into for that region.

I sincerely believe this sort of system would be invaluable in player retention and stimulating region activity, what do you all think? Opinions/ideas/criticism appreciated from all sides.


Uhhh there are actually older players, like myself, who want deserted regions and less competition. Transfer keys work fine IMO because it gives those players a choice, if they want something new or old.


Apparently people like yourself who strategically stay in a region don’t get a say


There’s plenty of active regions for older players to transfer to. Lots of wrong info in your post.

  1. Forcing players to move will result in massive public outcry.
  2. There are a large number of people who don’t want to leave their own region.
  3. There are people who don’t actually want a full, bustling region, they just want a smaller to mid-size region.
  4. Forcing whale factions together will kill off the motivation for mid-level to low level factions.
  5. There are top factions that want to stay as a top faction and losing that status will kill off motivation.

Basically your plan is bad and Dash told us 4) and 5) would happen but we had to see for ourselves.


Not that i dont think they shouldnt be cleaning up their own problems the ones they create(d) but honestly the single greatest problem with you post…

No where was it designed to allow Scopely to make money off the problem they created that we are stuck dealing with…

I mean honestly they created this whole entire mess then create a system that allows server hopping all over the place as long as you pay them a fee…

So they finally attempt to fix their design flaw and like a bunch of blood sucking fiends essentially offset the cost onto us.

Sure you can argue they are giving the first move away but who is going to land anywhere near where they want when its a blindfolded shot in the dark while riding a horse backwards…?

Outside of some region member passing along info noone really knows the things they should to make an informed hop to a different region. Vague region ages no real clue how populated or active the actual remaining population is. Really next to nothing and its bullshit…

It will probably take the average person or faction 3-6 hops before settling in and they know given the amount of moving even after finding a happy place it will be disturbed likely within a couple months if your so lucky then gotta go again.

Something they should be fixing for free and making a better experience for us on their own accord for better quality of life around here instead we get the shmucks deciding another way to make a few quick bucks is the best possible idea.


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