Proof scopley is trying to turn all into pay to play


How mad would you be if they didn’t require any way to prove an account belongs to you, and all some random person had to do was message support saying, I’m so and so from such and such region, I cant get in my account. Then support just gave it to them? Don’t want to make a purchase? Make a dummy FB account, link it. Free and simple.


Correct I ment to put in 11-28-15


For some reason on my old android phone it would never connect to facebook through twdrts.


Im on day 37 of trying to get my account back.

Sounds like you should ask Iphone for a job.



Iv got one -_-


as a developer iphone is total trash, you can’t customize your own code in it and with android you can easily play with linux.
Iphone is for idiots and fools.

and about Scopely support, they are one of the shi88Y support.


Not to mention they don’t use the exchange rate in app purchases Example 8k coins $99.99 should cost uk £75 but no £99.99 which means we pay $125 for 8,250 coins yet Google use the exchange rate


Not only this

We should start collect the broken promise , false advertisement and lies of the scamply

When ready. Take action

We don’t need to think about what ever
They want this game p2p f2p or s2s

We ain’t no sheeps

They have been thiefs for years
Time comes


Sent this to support on game

I SPENT no money on the game. How is a screenshot of my roster plus typed out info of my account, as well as account code not enough prof?

Also I have been playing on that account since november 28th of 2015 to August 7 of last month. I didnt complain about much to the support on here. Your colleagues responces and your responce of we cant help without it sounds to me like a responces your bosses make you say.

what would you do if a colleague had the same problem and they told you “I didnt link my account to fb or buy anything in the game” would you tell them the same thing your telling me or would you say to them Whats your account code and roster look like?

Hello again,

As already mentioned, we will be unable to assist you due to the lack of mandatory information such as the receipt that was requested. You will therefore have to refer to what was mentioned, and contact us again only for other needs in order to let us assist you once again.


Scopely Support Team

Scopely Support: A Real Horror Story

Surprised this wasn’t locked.




Nice still not locked. Bump it up.


Normally a thread gets locked after 3 days. Scopes must really like this one.


I have never had a problem with this game personally but I remember ages ago where I was playing clash of clans and I had to recover my account for being wrongly b-a-n-n-e-d and I didn’t have much other than a few screen shots and then a week later I got my account back and compensation and I nice message saying sorry for the inconvenience and if anyone is interested I got 1,000 gems which is like gold in TWD RTS.


So yes I definitely could be much more affective and quicker but it’s scopley so I don’t have high hopes but that doesn’t mean they are doing the wrong thing. :slightly_smiling_face:


scopley needs to sort out support!



No offense, but why do you expect support(who has to be paid somehow) to want ro encourage players that dont pay anything. The game is free to play, but what need do they have to accomodate players that dont spend.

Not bashing on f2p at all, but to expext them to want to encourage players not to spend money makes no sense. Its a business, of course it is set up to encourage spending.

That’s like staying at a restaurant for hours only eating the free bread and water and then complaining about the service. When they realise you are trying to eat for free, you will not be helped anymore and probably removed.


Yes be we should be encouraged to pay but with all the bad offers and deals other than the old 30 day pass we don’t want to as it does make are game experience massively better.


I understand that and hey, i have thought about quitting myself. But the main point is that if you expect service/help for free its a little silly. They dont necessarily need you to keep playing so when you need help, they are a lot less likely to do so.