Proof scopley is trying to turn all into pay to play


First response


Thank you for providing some of the details.
However, we still need a screenshot of the purchase receipt you made in the game.

To find your receipt in the Google Play Store:

  • Sign in with your Google Play account.
  • Under Payments in the upper-left corner, select Transactions.
  • Click on the transaction line to view the details of that particular purchase, including date and transaction ID.


  • Open iTunes.
  • From the menu bar at the top of your computer screen or at the top of the iTunes window, choose Account > View My Account.
  • Authenticate your Apple ID, then click View Account.
  • On the Account Information page, scroll to Purchase History.
  • Screenshot the details of that particular purchase, including date and transaction ID.

You can also check your email, as they send a copy of the receipts for every purchase.

Let me know if there’s anything else.


Scopely Support Team

My reply
Thanks and yes there is.
That’s bogus. I have read on scopley forms and seen in global chat of players who didnt have to do that. I never purchased anything on the game. Members of this game who dont spend shouldn’t be required to spend money just to be able to keep their accounts.

Scopley Support responce number 2 and different person replies

Thanks for contacting us regarding the recovery of your account.

I know you want to play your old game progress on your device. However, as part of our protocol and for security purposes, a screenshot of your detailed receipt associated to your main account is needed in order for us to proceed with the process. I do apologize.

Please contact us if you have any receipts available.

Best regards,
Scopely Support Team

My next response

Ive never spent any money on this game at all especially with the account im trying to get back. Again by telling players who dont spend that they have to provide “a screenshot of your detailed receipt associated to your main account is needed in order for us to proceed with the process.” This basically is saying all players must purchase something on the game and screenshot the purchase/ receipt to keep their account in the instance that they dont have it linked to facebook is basically taking away a players right to not spend.

Next Scopley support response numer 3 and third different person to reply

Thank you for getting back to us.

While I would like to help you out with transferring and recovering your account, I’m afraid we won’t be able to help you further unless you could provide us a screenshot of an in-app purchase you’ve made, because this is our means of verifying the ownership of the game and at the same time our way of ensuring the account’s security.

Your kind understanding is much appreciated in this matter.

Scopely Support Team

My fourth responce

Again there is no way to provide a screenshot of an in app purchase because I never spent any money on the game.
I will provide the information below again because im the only one who knows the account details. The original android device the game is associated with broke and I was never able to link it to facebook because it would never connect to facebook.

Unique profile code -***- ( stars to keep it protected)

Account display name Woken Wisdom

Highest Six Stars are a max level Tier 4 Blue Tyreese and a Tier 4 max level yellow Eziekel.

The profile level 111

Faction name The Crows
the account has been in The Crows since 12-6-15

region: Stephens

account original created day 11-28-2015

account last activity 8-7-2018

Original email linked to the account

************* (stars to protect the gmail account)

Next Scopley support responce but same person as before


I understand your concern with account transfer. However, that is a protocol that we have to follow. We cannot bypass this part of the process because this is our means of verifying the ownership of the game and at the same time our way of ensuring the account’s security.

I hope this information helps. Don’t hesitate to contact us again if you have other concerns.


Scopely Support Team

Lost account, failed to relink
Help Recovery, my Account

I think it’s rather stupid that part of their new protocol is to verify based on purchases, but if you link to Facebook, you still don’t have to spend.


Scopely is basically saying since you don’t spend on our game we will not help you get it back.


There was a glitch where I couldnt link the game to facebook it always popped up cant connect to facebook.

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This has been in place for quite some time as players were buying free accounts and using them with just basic info like account number. Sucks but all players should buy like a .99 cent offer. In your case, if you have already lost it, then that’s just a disaster. I would keep on sending them messages. I sent about 12 messages before they finally opened up different regions for me. Maybe a different agent will be sympathetic. Good luck.


I don’t want to start over in a new region. I just want my account back. Im leader of a faction thats never dropped out of top 25 in the region. Have an S5++ war team that no one though I would ever get. I started the game Nov 28th 2015 and am hoping to celebrate on nov 28th (2018) 3 years in one region. That shows hard work and loyalty are appericated in this game.


Scopely should really implement a $0.01 deal so that people can recover there accounts. Some people do not use Facebook or recently are very scared of facebook.


Your original download of the game creates a receipt. So find that purchases in ur game store


They can just make a fake fb account just to use it for games and such.


again still relying on FB though. FB tracks my every damn move… I stop to take a dump at chevron. i get chevron adds on FB. forget that.


Get this into your head:

F2P = free to play
P2W = you can play for free but its hard to impossible to get top ranks without spending (quite a lot)
P2P = pay to play meaning you can not do anything at all without directly spending money every time you want to do something, as in you can’t even start that roadmap until you pay, you can’t join war party until you pay etc


This game is P2W (PAY TO WIN) it always has been, it always will be,
if everybody did suddenly go F2P overnight they would pull the plug within a week or a month
if the game did suddenly go P2P overnight only the most severely addicted people would play at all


South Park did an episode on this crap

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But what about our best friend Mark Zuckerberg, surely he deserves to know our every move? Lol

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No but I’m sure the Russians do. Thanks VK

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I miss that show

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Bump bump it up

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Question has anyone ever gotten their account back without being linked to fb or a proof of spending because they didnt spend?