Proof of hackers live during war. Unacceptable


I caught this while recording footage for a new video. This is not okay. Taunting players and messing with the game during a big event like this. Crashed my God could have caused more trouble. What else are they capable of?


Dude hard to understand you… maybe confounded the tracks while mastering ?


I didn’t have time to edit the video well enough. You don’t need to hear anyways just watch what happens. Basically I was in Lowndes region and the regions they were facing had 2 Russian regions whose top factions have the same names and they’re ranked 1st and second. Then a hacker, on event chat hacks and crashes everyone’s game. He did it twice while I were recording it


This is a great direction for Scopley. There’s no need to fear. They were just sneaking another game update in during War like they always do. There’s no actual proof it was a hacker.


Got 20 seconds into the video than had to stop watching. Terrible music choice. Would have preferred just your voice


What faction are you in? I’m in Chambers region, so same CRW as you. That’s crazy


They need to ban android app simulators after that. He’s using it to spam a lot of text which breaks the chat.


He’s not a hacker ffs he’s a kid, just spamming all over. He’s using cheating instrument though, memu or nox/bluestacks


Fear not friends other people will get sick of this stuff real soon and take action themselves


I’m glad that soon your thread will be answered by precious scopely authorities in a few minutes. They will solve everything under 15minutes and will add some value to the forums, keep reading terms and guidelines.


Agreed i knew they were fishy… Btw hi from MistaC - Felow Lowndes member (deviant synergy)


That’s not a solution. I use an emu and I don’t cheat. I don’t want to stare at a tiny ass phone for hours. I play on the tv. They need to figure out a way to move all the data away from client side and move it over to the server side so then it will take a real hacker to do damage. Calling these people hackers is a joke they are cheaters and using crap like cheat engine. Figure out a way to stop programs like this from being able to interfere with the game.


Good grief if you turned off that music we might be able to hear you!!


lol!!! I’m glad you’re back bro


spaming chat can be done with phones and tablets smfh not just a pc


I dig the music choice


it’s not a hack… just a bug in the chat depending of the caracters entered by user.


It’s supposed to be a pun, the song is titled “Road to Moscow” sorry for not being a great video editor =(


I tried punny music in a video once and got extreme lashback for it xD

Don’t let the haters hate, just reduce the background music to -9 dB and your voice track to +3 dB in your editor