Proof, not speculation!

Over the past few weeks, there have been multiple posts and topics about a “Pete taunt bug.” Throughout all of these posts, there is absolutely zero…and I mean ZERO evidence supporting this bug apart from hearsay. I’m not saying this isn’t a bug, but this topic has now spawned “fake bug claims.” I have seen so many various “bug” claims with no proof now that I will be surprised if any true bugs ever get fixed. It’s just constant “I’ve seen this happen!” or “my friend saw that!” all over the place.

In other words, just post your proof and be done with it. If you don’t have proof then you should take a step back because it is getting out of control. If you don’t want to take the time to get proof then the bug isn’t that important to you, obviously. I’m not trying to butthurt anyone, just being real.


Hey all,

If you have information on bugs, please report it following our previously shared guidelines :slight_smile:


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Eye witness testimony, whilst fallible, is literally considered as ‘evidence’ in a court of law in pretty much every county I can think of tbf. Multiple eye witnesses are considered stronger evidence.

I really wouldn’t say it’s ‘out of control’ either… I would say that once every 3 or 4 weeks a new thread is made about it and it quickly works it’s way down the page, this week it just so happens that 2 were made and 1 content creator asked for videos of it on another. Making another thread saying exactly what others are suggesting in those threads is a bit counter intuitive imo if your aim is to try and reduce the conversation about bugs without supporting video evidence.


I feel like normally with bugs in this game, “eyewitness testimony” from multiple people is usually enough to get the ball rolling and get the bug fixed. Its just that with this specific bug its been talked about soo long without being able to be found or replicated and nobody has been able, over that period of time, to demonstrate with any video evidence that it actually exists

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I think it’s because it’s quite rare.

There have been a few occassions where I think it’s happened to me but I haven’t been 100% sure there weren’t other reasons and I wasn’t really fussed tbh but then when it happened again 2 or 3 days ago I stopped doing anything in the raid, checked everything and there was nothing that could have caused it in the opposing team.
But then later I was reading, I think a list that Link had posted, of what might cause it and there was a suggestion of Doc overriding an already in place Princess taunt and thus reducing the timer to 1 turn. Now I’m pretty sure this wasn’t the case a couple of days ago, but now I’m second guessing and can’t be 100% sure. So video evidence would absolutely help out, I completely agree with that, but I don’t think we should just dismiss it like the OP suggests when there are plenty of experienced players that think/know (whichever one it is) that they’ve encountered it.


We identified another potential root cause in “pain spreading” taunt onto a taunted toon - which would reduce the taunt to just 1 turn too.

If this were the actual root cause, then it would be worth looking into, since then the pain spread is a double edged sword…

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Happened to me today with green command Rick. Weirdest thing is he used his AR then was taunted the round after. Was a princess taunt and only Rick, aarav, and crista were up.

idk what bug but i do know pete can resist taunt if his weapon has focused stun or cleanse.

The terms that people use actually make up part of the problem.

Pete can “resist” taunt if he’s got a taunt resist mod and it procs. However, Pete can “ignore/bypass” taunt if he’s got a focus/stun weapon and it procs before his turn starts. Pete can “remove” taunt if he got cleanse.


I can imagine following scenarios, though they are not verly likely, they are not impossible.

  • Rick had ransack and a toon he’s recently hit had focus
  • Rick resisted taunt the turn before, but you taunted him again or have pain-spred taunt onto him the following turn



More likely, he had both focus and taunt overlapping for one turn, allowing him to AR. Then the focus expired and he had only taunt, so he went back to being taunted.

We need to also know who the other 2 toons were. Even if they were already dead, they could have given focus to the team before dying.

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You should definitely stick to numbers buddy because that’s not what was suggested anywhere in my post. The fact you made that up after reading my post further proves my point as to why you can’t trust the shit coming from other players’ mouths.

My suggestion was to provide proof or take a step back. We know there are claims about this bug, more than enough. We don’t need claims about the bug existing anymore, only proof. That’s all.

Honestly, I understand it can be a little tedious doing testing but only takes 2 seconds to start recording. If you see a Pete in battle, swipe and start recording.