Promotional Offer Update - 9/10/18


Nothing you said makes any sense and you continue to miss the point.


A typical behavior of a troll.

I mean that Scopely did do a bad thing, but users here started to become not so different than them in the terms of behavior. And Scopely are still trolling you here by NOT answering your pleas.


No matter who trolls who and who misses what, this thread is about how Scopely trampled the players base and the respect they might have had one day for it.

Acting ad they did is just a flagrant proof of what is relevant to the team : $$$ !!

Anything else is garbage though some poor efforts were made to make some people believe that scope cared about the players.

What remains here is the team reaction to a global concern : aka nothing.

Best team ever :heart:

And again @JB.Scopely, great communication buddy.


This thread is a perfect example of the relationship between Scopely and the players


Not anymore! Lol


My money stays in my pocket because of this offer and will stay that way. Now with subscriptions dropping it’s boom or bust for the company.
I won’t trust any offer or deal from scopley again.


Just in case someone @scopely is wandering :
No, we wont forget what you did.
As we dont forget what you do with disturbing post speakin the truth.
We still stay strong.
And I wont join your desperate club.


They seem to be improving in some areas but outright ignoring this thread is pretty poor. Also, bump


The real question is will this topic hit top10 hits and beat the $1 offer topic before it dies down due to inactivity.


who cares?

It’s still intresting that (full of bumps and bullshits , we know) first two topics for # of replies are these two… completly ingored by Scopely. #alwayscustomerfirst


Revenue over integrity.

It’s our fault really. Consumers have (and are now trained that way due to information bombardment) the attention span of small puppies. Who can remember all the gates, bugs, and false marketing etc when …

Oh look, squirrel!!


When you’re good at something ya keep doing it…




Up 7 chars


this is still on? stay strong, lol :muscle:


Yes it is.


People never forget


This is the best thread ever. Why shows how seriously the company takes its customers. Like a never ended parade of protesters.


This thread can’t close because it was posted by forum staff. And I sincerely doubt Scopely will do anything about this.


This is still a thing?