Promotional Offer Update - 9/10/18


On Friday 9/7, promotional offers with Year 3 Tokens were mistakenly sent to a small subset of players. These offers were sent in error and should not have been delivered to players. The very small group of players who chose to engage with these offers will be able to keep their items.

These promotional offers were intended to include Survival Tokens to celebrate the end of the event, which is scheduled to end today (Mon 9/10 10PM PST). As with prior events, Survival Tokens will convert to Supply Points at the conclusion of the event.

In order to give all players access to the promotional offers as originally intended, we will be relaunching the Survival Token Wheel once the current event is over. We’ll be sending 300 free Survival Tokens to all players and a corrected version of the promotional offers will also be sent to all players. Please allow 24 hours to receive your 300 Survival Tokens and the promotional offers.

The relaunched wheel will run until Thursday 9/13 @ 5PM PST.

We apologize for any confusion this may have caused.

$1 Offer For New Players


Yeah, i don’t buy it. This has #dedicatedplayergate stank all over it. Thanks for my 3 4*s.


I am really disappointed in this. You have really let down the player base with this one…


How about give that offer to everyone since you guys royally screwed up. That would go a LONG way here. It’s measly pixels to Scopely.

And I’m not buying the “error”


All we want is that ninety nine cent offer. Giving that to us would go a long way in mending things - or even better, 300 Year 3 tokens for free. As for now, I think I’ll keep my money and spend it on non-Scopely things.



How do you explain this? Both tokens are in this offer.


Opie, you just caught their freakin lie. Great job!


I can’t take the credit. Someone else posted it on the other thread I just found it.

Don’t really want to post their name without their permission


Damn Opie

Just…damn lol


Yeah. “Error.” Okay…


This still doesn’t address the 350 to 1200 3-year tokens that was an “accidental” offer to new players. 300 free RTS tokens do not make up for 350 3-Year tokens for 99 cents.


Oh hell no scopely! You know you intended those promos as otherwise you would stop them quickly like you did with many things- Wendy glitch is a great example…
If you screwed up so badly how come offer number 2 and 3 were with wrong tokens again? Surely a fully qualified game developer wouldn’t make a mistake like that? Plus 3 in a row is a bit too much of a coincidence don’t you think?
We aren’t kids and we are not all idiots… we know what you did and we want you to own up to your mistakes… so sort this out… do right by your loyal players and redeem yourselves before it’s too late…


300 rts tokens compensation vs 12 guaranteed ascendable toons :thinking:


Hey, at least now you can spend your money on other games that won’t screw you over, under, and sideways!


Wow. Just…wow.


This tells it all.


Just give us a offer for 100 3 year tokens for $10 I’d be happy with that


Smells like the usual BS to me…Nice job Scopely! You always deliver that back hand slap to the ones who keep this joke of a game alive. You can keep your 300 survival tokens…I will only pull three shitty 4* anyway.


Give us enough for 3 pulls, it being the 3rd anniversary. I’d be happy with that.

Do you think all players should get the anniversary token offers?