Promotion pull 'chances'

So, maybe I got to do this… I know, some of you will think he’s doing just mimimi but I know, some of you have the same thing that really sucks…
Pete Promotion… Round about over 300 pulls and no ascend character… Ryan, 3 times a 10 pull without luck and now amber with about 80 pulls… @JB.Scopely tell me, how do you explain, this is a fair pulling system for all players? I think, I play this game to long to get fair chances from scopely or get my characters by a wrong way…but I know 100%, scopely doesn’t matter…who else feel the same way? I think players, who spend a little bit money, to play at a medium level in the game, got not so good chances to pull a promo like players, who not so often invest money or used just free coins…


this has been my point for the longest time, nobody wants to drop £100/300 to not even better their roster/gaming experience … the game has become a joke right now


The only good thing about this is, that I got my coins by playing advertising games for coins but time wasting… :roll_eyes:

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I’ve never played a game were the odds are so messed up, u do the same kind of pull in any other game you get something worth while. I’ve never had “luck” on this game. Never got the promo never got the top toon in war wheels spent way to much money for no return. The system is rigged.


And the 5 star wheel is also a joke… I think they have to put some better ascend chars in it…all ascend chars at this time in it are old and have no chances against the gen 2 chars…

Donny has gen 2 stats I believe. He’s still very useful.


With I could do that. It’s not an option in Europe.

It’s gambling peeps pure and simple🤗


I used up my saved coins to do an 80 pull on Amber yesterday. First 40 got jack shit, but the second 40 got me 6* Blue Morgan, 5* Amber, and 5* Blue Morgan.

By no means is the wheel ever meant to be fair, just really based on dumb luck. It’s why I never spent on this game and rather play it F2P.

Congratulations :slight_smile: and that’s another reason why I think, f2p has more luck by spending their saved coins to get a promo, as medium payer… :grin:

Depends on how you see it. I got nothing on the first 40 where others might have gotten what I gotten. There isn’t sufficient enough evidence, IMO, to say that certain spending players have better luck than others when there is no clear correlation shown.

Had I not gotten anything on my 2nd 40, no one would be saying that free players have better odds.

Now might be a good time for you to join #playersunited @Radi. You’ve done the equivalent of 12 big pulls since Pete. The movement could do with more and more big spenders like yourself not spending.

Btw I’m being genuine here not sarcastic.


Like I said, the coins where all from advertising games… I stopped paying for pulls for about 5 months ago…:grin:

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Ah fair play. Good man!

It’s a good idea with players unites, but really, I saw a lot of players, who named as #playersunited with a lot of Gen 2 promos like Pete elle doc Mia… So some guys are really fake… That’s sad to see because it’s a good move from the players…

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All 4 of the toons you named are from before players United. The movement started after or possibly at the end of the Pete wheel @Radi

The only promos that are new since PU are wayland, Tye and Ryan. Anything else would have been pulled before the movement started.


hi there,

I understand that you’re not satisfied with the results of your pulls.

Please be reminded that character pulls and rewards in the game are completely chance-based. This means that there is no guarantee of what character you will receive no matter how many times you try to open a reward.

I hope that you will get a great outcome in your future pulls. If you need assistance with anything else, just send an email, and we are always happy to help.

P/S: Scopely employer will said :slight_smile:

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Go play some other games like this, and you will see that their odds are not out of line with the rest of the industry. No amount of hashtags are going to change the pull odds. I agree it’s appalling, but welcome to mobile gaming. :raised_hands:

It’s reasons like that why I quit, do it you’ll feel soooo much better! I thought I’d check in and see if shit has changed…

But clearly hasn’t so checking out again :rofl:

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