Promotion/demotion in leagues

Since you get punished for being demoted in leagues by losing coins, shouldn’t you get rewarded for being promoted?

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That’s applying logic. Scibbly doesn’t do logic. :smirk:


You do get rewarded, the said coins you originally lost when demoted.

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If u get demoted you are penalized 200 coins for the stretch reward so why aren’t you rewarded an extra 200 coins if you get promoted?

People might work a little harder if there were more of an incentive to get promoted

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You get more trophies to spend the higher up you are in your league each week. Over time they add up. And at leat rewards are certain with the trophies, unlike most of the stuff you can buy with coins.

So I don’t really follow what you are asking for?

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Well that’s logic? You get promoted for being active, raiding, ttys or overall performing good. For those reasons you are rewarded. While demotion is the exact opposite, not performing well, not raiding etc.

It is generally better to stay put in a easy league than go all in to get a promotion and risk getting demotion next week. (Higher activity requirements)
Doesent make much sense imo. Beeing in higher leagues should always reward more coins regardless of how you place.

Yeah I try to flip between platinum 1 and 2 so I get access to the good stuff in the store.

I’m at the point in this game that I could care less if I get demoted.


Gone from Diamond 2 (almost 3) too Platinum 5 (close to relegation 4) this season amazing how quickly you drop when ydgaf anymore lol :joy:


No, the rewards/loss of coins are for the future week. It just pushes what you get one back. This is only relevant for those going up/down between the 5 tiers anyways since 15 coins doesn’t mean much

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JoJo let’s say you’re in a league that rewards 640 coins and 4k league tokens if u just stay above the demotion zone. Now u fall into the demotion zone and will be penalized 200 less coins and 2k tokens if u stay there the remainder of the stretch. Wouldn’t in make sense if you make it into the promotion zone to get rewarded 200 extra coins and 2k more tokens if you stay there the remainder of the stretch?

I’m missing something. You didn’t do well enough one week to stay where you were, so you were demoted. But you are saying that you should still get the same rewards overall? Even though one week your performance was a bit, erm, so-so?

No, I’d be fine with the -200 coins if they would give +200 for being promoted

Confused on the -200 coins if you get demoted. Seems they get the same amount of coins as people who stay in same tier.

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Diamond leauge does not give -200 on demotion.

Depends on the bracket - in Plat V it’s 680 coins for promotion/maintaining rank but 420 coins if you’re getting demoted. As in every other aspect of the game, luck can play a huge part.
A faction mate & I are both in Plat V; I’ve put up more trophies than him yet I’m going to be getting demoted whereas he’s comfortably in the midzone. I don’t particularly mind, but think It’s a bit stupid that my baby account languishing in Gold IV (which I logged into all of 3 times this week) is going to get more coins than my main account despite having 1/28th the number of trophies

Ahhh all I have ever been in is diamond league sorry can’t help.

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Guess us platinum people are just scum and deserve to be punished lol

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