Promoting a positive environment in forums


I have noticed the closing of the goodbye threads and the generic keep this a positive environment - there is one easy way to do this, Make improvements! We provide feedback on many frustrations and these threads go unanswered while meme threads are answered… still no answer as to eliminating the full wood message or updating the economy of food in the game to reflect the new meta or the lack of shirts and gloves! Also, for the most most part cheating is not cracked down on - finally today I saw interest from a developer on the cheating in the lvl up in Shelby region (props to @CombatMan). As much as you want to see @LeeRussell post as a bash it was More a goodbye to a game he gave so much to and tried so much to improve. That being said - @kalishane @CombatDevIl let’s see some true improvements! Let’s address the players grievances and get fixes in. Too many of these threads have many tags for kalishane and are not even acknowledged with a comment