Promoted too high? Unable to collect museum prize

Tried claiming my prize in museum but they don’t seem to detect my max leveled Aarav, he’s been maxed out and promoted beyond. Is this a bug or am I not supposed to promote my characters if I want to do museum prizes?

Is he S class? If not try the other collection for 6*


Red Velvet Cake Collection 52 is for S Class Aarav. Collection 51 is for regular 6* Aarav


250 cakes for s class 500 for reg, how you can tell. You know, other than the giant S.


there’s an s class and a non s-class aarav?



think i got a non-s-class one then , i didnt know they existed in both classes

because scopes was too lazy to change the looks of the s class toons :man_shrugging:

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Stats are way lower…

So you already claimed the non S class collection.

You need 2 non S Class Aarav to get the S Class version.

Though that is changing slightly on the new S Class that you can pull S Class directly from the wheel and bypass the normal way of exchanging 2 non S Class for 1 S Class

Don’t spend anymore veteran rings on him, you would be better off collecting the second non S Class Aarav and then exchanging them for the S Class Aarav.


U used rings on non s class doh

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Omg, what a waste of rings…

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If he didn’t even know that S class was possible for this toon, then I think it’s safe to bet he is happy using rings on this current Aarav. :grin:

I’m waiting for the original s class toons to be eventually pullable too.


are people still spending vet rings on non s class toons?

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Actually I have a question about promoting to S Class - when you get the toons to max level to do the collection claim at the museum do the rushes need to be maxed as well? Or do I have to waste Lilith’s?

No, they do not have to be maxed.