Promo of your dream


What is it like? As for me, it’s 6* melee lead fast Jesus :smiley:


Yellow is lacking like crazy, really no good toons. Zeke and Negan is annoying at best, but hardly a killer.

But stating the obvious, melee needs a 6* command. And for the love of god, a yellow and not Glenn.

Ranged need a 6* neutralize.

6* shields!

6* melee and ranged version of sr Zeke!

6* melee revive.

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Ye i know he is there, same with the melee command Glenn also from the depot. But these basic toons should have been released ages ago.


6* HS Magna.

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a box containing 20-30 lilith’s and 20-30 Ulysses. I need so many of them but Scopely seem to value them all about about £50 each, that is ridiculous and means I can’t use most of the 6* characters I have or could ascend if I had any way of working on their AR and active skills to actually make them usable.

At the moment I am in a state where I have 6-7 characters I could ascend, but as I have 3 already ascended that I haven’t been able to work on the AR or Active skills of, why push to get the others upgraded as well while those are still useless. Actually up those numbers to 50 of each trainer I think that would just about get my characters I have usable.


There are 2 scav missions that upgrade AR. Just bung your 6’s that need work in there with others with other toons with maxed AR and only the ones that need it will get the boost. I’ve maxed Abe’s AR and Shiva’s almost there as well that way. (just takes a while)


A bit off topic: I noticed that my xp missions take longer to appear with AR missions on (5-7 days was it?), does it happen to you too?


Well the prestige one takes 5 days and normally reappears within a week for me. The red one is newer but is 7 days I think? I’ve run it a couple of times so far.


Same, but during that time I think I had maybe one xp mission in 15 days, so I considered it possibly related to particular AR mission. Or maybe wild imagination of mine lol


Will try and take a bit more notice of it. I run over a few regions so perceptions maybe skewed…


Well because rewards are bad as it is am not jumping gun and thought of reasonable toon for war reward probably this weekend, pure 6* toon as reward leader large dropper :slight_smile: for 1st place. That reward would motivate me to win :slight_smile:


That is very nice, aldo it doesn’t reply my question lol


Ahh sorry miss clicked reply button lol :slight_smile: i not really do ar missions, they take way too long =/

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Sorry - I tend to get the XP missions all the time now. I’d done all the yellow missions so when the update hit I went straight back into normal service. I was seeing them once or twice a month before.

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I have looked into this, the mistake I have made is I have ascended almost all of my 4* toons, which would have been the ones I put in there with the maxed AR. I have to max out the AR on some useless toons so that I can use them for this purpose. I suppose I could use some 2* from this as at least their AR is easy to max.

I suppose we are left waiting and hoping that they introduce a similar mission for active skill level up.


6* human shiled is a little to op


6* Lee. Want to see the bad 5* alert one become good.