Promo: New 6 Star Axel

My faction mate sent me a picture of a brand new legendary Axel. I can’t confirm if it is legit or not, but so far he has never lied, but Idk.

I saw the exact same one in a Line chat and had a few confirm he was legit. Looks so dope too!!! Omg watch out yellows!!

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Really? I mean I see some resemblance but not really. I think he will be a new promo

Looks like a Bruce base.

I’d buy that toon - scopely pull your finger out and hire this April fooler… shaming your designers

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Ok yeah I’ll be honest-- this is an April fools joke. But I really wish it wasn’t lol

Ehh you still caught it fairly quick.

Whoever made this did a good job making him crappy enough to be real. Usually when people make fake pics they make the toon extremely op and give it away easy.


I made it, and I honestly think he actually isn’t all that crappy; the collateral damage would spread some serious damage to 3 enemies. It could be really dangerous. But thanks :slight_smile:

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He’s not bad but I wouldn’t pay to get him. If he was a f2p toon I’d take him gladly but I’m pretty stacked on greens as is so I’m kinda biased against them now.

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I think he would have been a beast… 2 regular attacks of 450% would be great plus a crit weapon on him he would stand a good chance that his rush would be collateral damaging twice and hitting groups very hard… I like him…

Sell your concept to scopely - they can’t seem to make a decent toon lately.

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Well then, @kalishane @CombatMan thoughts? Good or bad idea?

Debilitating SHOTS for a melee character? Instant failure the second I saw that BS.

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Umm ok it wasn’t meant to be that serious dude :joy:

Your mate don’t know how to photoshop
Well thats literally Bruce and kal

This is as fake as cheez whiz

Scroll up… I made it. I just said fac mate to make it more believable. And I bet that you aren’t good at photoshop/can’t make a better one either. It’s not meant to be serious, it was an April fools joke.

Here’s my new one Fanart: Custom 6 star Lori

Don’t forget regular attack ars can be blocked by absolute defense, reflected, or stunned after 1st hit. However I have to admit I didn’t think about the collateral damage working with his ar which drastically changes my opinion on him. Would a stun on attack weapon work with the collateral damage?