Promo 6* beta VK leaked


Next promo is 6* Beta. Enjoy BS war rewards and dont forget to spend on premier pull to compete for useless trash rewards.



“Early 2018” is just around the corner and we’ll have a small handful of legacy 5* become ascendable 6*. Only two to four months more of the total lack of diversity which is crushing our interest in the game

Keep Surviving (and hoping Scopely don’t renege on yet another promise)


Honestly i be happy if rewards was blue shane or even rosita


There is actually 22-24 legendary toons. It would be easy to give one of them as rewards to thanks loyal players


This is totally true, my interest in playing is dwindling by the day. I have a big back log of PS4 and xbox games ive not played because ive spent so much time playing this game over the last 2 years that im dusting them off now and making a start.

Hell the money ive saved from not buying coins because of all the shitty war rewards I brought a VR headset for the PS4, Resident Evil 7 has been filling my time instead of farming.


both where shit gg


24 Legendary toons indeed. 25 once Beta lands tonight

Of course 12 of those are premier toons (Rosita, Viktor, Wyatt, Sandy, Hershel, Jeremiah, Vincent, Yvette, Governor, Alpha, Strong Negan and Beta) leaving 13 readily “available” to non-spenders.

Two will be available from Museum (Dwight and Tara) but not for a while (long whle for Tara). One was also given to everyone from the Museum (Zeke)

So that leaves just 10 “readily available” Legendries.

They are Shiva, Tyreese, Carl, Fast Negan, Mirabelle, Abe, Yumiko, Barker, Shane and Siddiq.

That basically means that, those of us who haven’t pulled a premier have a pool of 11 (the 10 above plus Zeke) legendaries to work with. That is of course assuming you have them all.

And are we surprised every fucking team is a variation of the exact same formula?

New characters to keep us surviving

as I haven’t seen it here yet.

The good thing about this promo, is that Beta seems to be one of the worst designed characters they have put out for a while, so everybody can save money this weekend as there is no point in pulling for him.

A support character that does nothing to help his teammates at all isn’t really a support character.


Stun for 1 TURN. Just go for David, the one that stuns a line for 2 turns.


yeah The only defence for him is that his rush is quick, but it doesn’t do enough damage to be worth it. there is so many toons that will stun for 2 turns, or taunt/confuse for 2 turns, or you could just go with enough power to actually kill a line like tye, but this is just meh. if I come up against him in a raid he will be my new favourite to leave for last to kill as I wont be worrying about him killing me off.


I bet you get stun at, like, level 9 of the AR.


character SUCKS!!! smh…not like i spend anyway but still lol


He’s awful. Dosen’t even look cool.


Isn’t going to stop the top 2 factions from getting him.

They get all the new toons whether they are good or not.


not sure about your region but Im not seeing very many people with any of these toons in the regions I play in. top faction or bottom it doesn’t matter, these new toons are weak and people arent spending like before…
which is good!!!


just because you dont see them now. Doesnt mean that they aren’t pulling for them. People lie all the time so why would they say they are pulling for them if they complain about how bad they are.

People do stupid things like NOVA CULTURA pulling for vernon back in the day on his youtube channel.

Give it time and you will see those top players putting toons they they have said that they didnt pull for.


Not true. It’s rare that I see a new premiere toon in my region. People have stopped spending for mediocre toons. It’s good leader skills and high damage that people want the most.


He has hit the game!

The 5*:

The 6*:

I thought I read somewhere, that their rushes get better when being ascended to 6*?


lol NO. things never gets better around here. it just goes down hill.


Can’t expect every single 6* to be borderline broken. There’s gonna be weaker ones and this is one of those.