Promises = resets

Anybody else noticing the pattern?

Albert’s Letter ----》6* introduced and buffed
Players United Promises —》S Class buff (basically 8*)

Cool, they’re updating and putting better stuff in the wheels… because they’re about to devalue everything so in effect no progress made

These guys are a one trick pony, better luck getting a leopard to change his spots.

I know people are always claiming something is the death of the game, I don’t know if this will be it but it feels like the end for me.


I noticed the pattern as well. For me, it doesn’t matter anymore, I’m f2p was a mild spender at one point. I cant keep up anymore. My attack teams are irrelevant. My defense is a joke. I’m lucky if I get 4 hits in before my camp is burning nowadays. I’ve lost interest. It’s not fun and hasn’t been for a very long time. The gap is so vast now there’s no way to fix it. I suspect this will be my last war.


Indeed they are and they will never change.


It’s called a business model.
If people are happy with what they have, they won’t need to spend

Scopely: nice roster you have there… Shame if anything were to happen to it


Also know and deceptive practices.

Oh you are out of mod scraps that you get too little of, here is a nice offer for you to spend on

Oh you need so many collection items?
Let’s split them into 3 so we can triple your frustration about missing three toons.

I’m getting my diving gear on cause if this ship sinks, I’m riding it to the bottom just so I can tell the captain I told you so :joy:


Best we can hope for is it gets so bad that they are forced by skybound to relinquish\sell the game.


At this point, I think even scopes realizes that and is trying to monetize every piece of junk possible


So underated.

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Me neither & nowhere near being in the same boat, but I do still giggle when they released yellow alpha and her -85 ap to all weapon on death and many were panicking thinking she would ruin the game :rofl::rofl:

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It’s all to say that they did “something” to counter PU. The changes made are not geared to compete with S class and above. It’s fine though. There’s only like 2-3 factions left anymore who are going to try and compete at that level. Just play the game to have fun and not waste money on a company that doesn’t give the players a worthy gaming experience.

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Why ur pfp irl ryan

The irony of this situation is that I think in a way the movement played into Scopely’s greedy hands.

They’ve been angling for a reset for a while as we’ve been seeing leaks of the veteran’s rings. They couldn’t do the reset without an epic meltdown.

Because of the PU movement they are able to launch the reset under the guise of saying it will be accessible to all and will close the gap. Much like with 6* they are framing it as something that was asked for instead of something they had been planning for a long time.

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