Promises in 6 months or so

I hope i will fullfill my promises better then Scopely:

No transparency
They have turned the game further from what i want with more and more monetizing

Yes did a update of wheels but then rolled out the s-class change and all wheel got old as before, not what you promised
We have lack of everything in the game now, worse then before

Basic gameplay have been changed to paywall roadmaps
No new missions
Minimum of roster space
No info of future acendable so we can remove our 5*
Less frequnt log-in events
Update to survival that been trashed mulitply times
No new fa event

No no no no
We have right to change what so ever we like, that was not what you promised
Arranged a player council that not do anything and not choosen by players.

Have never been worse



Yeah done a similar post like this one. More attention is needed, since clearly everything has not come to the game yet.


Don’t forget the following promises :

  • faction assault
  • our plushies

@GR.Scopely what can we all expect in 2020? What’s the Roadmap for this year?
I think all players want to know this…

What about a faction assault event like the first one with Wyatt and gear or Lucas and gear
What about a trainer or gear event? ( like the event with piper with so many 5* trainers)

Or what about an monthly community event?
WE the players Can vote every month for an event for the next month.
This could be communicated in the blog…

I think a Community event where all players fight together would be great too

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”I think a Community event where all players fight together would be great too“

I like this idea. Maybe a big piñata of Spencer tucker where the entire community takes turns bashing him and coins rain on us all?


Y’all don’t see the problem here? Everyone comes bitching on the forums about change and demanding things. Then they go right back to what they were doing in the game, be it WOC or whatever.

It’s like giving your kid a steady diet of candy and complaining when they go to the dentist for a check up.


Where the fuc* is faction assault, Scops???


Aren’t we already fighting each other? :wink:

Lol (7 chars)

All features are working as intended, but I am sure they will take your feedback into consideration. :wink:

Happy bday but not to sound like a ass but nothing we want will ever come to the game. They have paced this game to a point were spending 1k-2k a week will keep u stable if u have decent luck. Why would they care about our opinions when people are still shelling out mortgages and car notes on game that is possibly in the worst state its even been.


oh wait. Wasn’t that 90 days ago…

“Promises” = incoming game reset

Yeah we are at this point doomed.

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You asking them for changes etc. Why you still spend money on this?
Stop spending, start from yourself, your faction etc
We have this thanks to people who still spend lot of money.
Sad but true


We have this because the community attacks each other more effectively than we attack Scopely issues


That’s because deep down most of the community just cares about itself.


In all games i care about myself first
But wasnt me that made a promise becouse then i would hold myself to it.
I just find it so strange that they have no intent or will to fulfill them.


I didn’t say there was anything wrong with that. It’s just the way it is.

Forgot to mention that they would never put S-Class toons in wheels, yet here we are