Promises for the Future

A regular promise ages like fine wine.

A Scopely promise ages like milk :joy:


Short life milk

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Unpinned topic because it doesn’t mean anything anymore, right.


Unpinned so we would forget.


Haha, seriously they unpinned it?

The pin is on their s class toons because we know this post was utterly horse shit

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Nice try @GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely but we aren’t falling for that one.

I’d recommend you repin this, thanks!


We can just keep bumping with pin requests. This is the 2nd time it was unpinned. Says so much that they want to let this thread die quietly, and long before their self given 60 days is up…

Where is the promised timeline of actions? Where is the information on the Players Council? Where are you Scopely?

It’s been a month since the original PlayersUnited post and nothing has been done that you promised unless it was already part of your previously planned actions. One might argue the alleged Players Council was done but I’ve seen no evidence or information on it despite seeing numerous forum posts requesting such (other than Scopely statements that it was done which is worth nothing).



@GR.Scopely ^^^ This. We all know the rumours of the alleged NDAs, but we don’t do 3rd party rumours on the forums. So far we know nothing other than invitations were sent last week.

So what now?





Garbage. They just send out new stuff for us to focus all our anger on. S class and Arenas are two of the worst decision made.

You guys won’t get one on us by trying to keep the council secret. It won’t work. That’s just a failed promise.


There is no player council. That’s the reason for the secrecy. It’s so we don’t find out it doesn’t exist.

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I really wonder if our cms knew what train wreck was incoming from the S-class announcement.

Surely hope they didn’t and was just as blindsided as I was when I read the thread about S-class.

It would be pure troll, mean, slapped in the face, spit on a beautiful cooked burger, nut kicked from behind my back, fingers crossed behind back telling us our wishes are coming true, I mean I could go on but you get the picture.

Why do we have CMs again? I truly question this now.

And they unlisted and closed Bane’s farewell post in the interest of keeping open and transparent communication with the player base?

Bunch of tw@ts.


That was Taytron.
Good luck searching for it, too.

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How insecure and disrespectful does a company have to be to remove Bane’s forum post. Rhetorical question, I think we all know already. Shame on you Scopely.

And btw, PIN THIS AND OTHER RELATED PLAYERSUNITED POSTS AGAIN, What the heck is wrong with you guys.



Kinda weird they have left another players one up lol

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Thank you, I was trying to figure out how to do that