Promises for the Future

:sob: :sob: :sob:


Addressing the Promises in Albert's Letters :wink:


That’s on you

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Give every player 20k coins until the update & improvements are in progress.

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Few months too late for me.

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Thats not on me… thats on the device/facebook id duplicated glitch has happened before and was fixed… and has happened to a lot… plus they did update just over a month ago that was meant to fix it but well you can guess it was not fixed due crap coding

Scopely simply have stolen my account

And this wouldn’t be returned to rightful owner? Seriously? We all know support suck but thats an entirely new level of incompetence especially as there is a known repeatable glitch allowing anyone to basically hijack an account

What i find funny they verify it find nothing wrong with still in same spot it was. few days later gone and nuked with no reason behind in it. Funny i barely play till war is on

Awesome fixes! Can’t wait to see them implemented!


@WARRIOR84 I believe you were saying territories weren’t mentioned. This is what covers it.

I will continue to play to see if these changes are made, making the pull chances higher would be sweet too, but I won’t hold my breath for that one.


Yes but territories have been an on going problem for years. Maybe he feels like they should have been specifically named


They should have. If I end up on the player council I’ll be a bug about it until it’s fixed.

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Again pacifying the player. No dates what could be done in minutes. 3 releases are you kidding me. At step in the right direction would be walk the walk, not talk the talk.

Now i’m not saying that this Promises is Bad, but all i need is Action on the Promises, not Words on the Promises. 'Cause “Action speaks Louder than Words”. So if y’all can do that Action then i can say this is a Good Steps for the better.

I agree that the lack of a time table is abysmal. But you cannot expect things to take less then what they’ve stated. They’ve already got things in the pipeline that they’re not going to halt just to pacify players until they can do the rest. I’ve already stated that just because they’re stating 3 new legacys doesn’t mean that there aren’t 2 in the pipeline I mentioned. Not an insider but wording from GR was murky enough to allow that as a high possibility.

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You listed Romanov as a legacy character but he’s already a 6 star toon…

It’s a different Romanov.

there is 3 others…

Pretty sure it’s this one.


I don’t know why this is so hard to grasp, they just give you enough to keep you tight to the game, make a few extra $$$ with minimal work. I believe we have bench warmers working on RTS while they are making millions with their new game.

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I’d be playing the game regardless. I spent enough prior to #PU to be formidable. I enjoy it, bugs aside. I’m just not going to pay them anymore. I am a #PlayerUnited. Anything I can do to help fix what I can I will.

Also. Their new game is having just as many issues. Just saying. Not long until they are with #PlayersUnited.

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