Promises for the Future

Hello Survivors!

Thank you again for the powerful feedback on the current state of Road to Survival and your suggestions of what you want to see in the future. Your passion for this game is what drives us. We want to make this a meaningful and worthwhile experience for all players and we are committed to delivering on that experience as it evolves it over time.

Promises for the Future

After taking the time to seriously evaluate your feedback, we’ve put together a set of promises we are making to all players that we believe will turn Road to Survival into the game our players want and deserve. We also want to provide transparency on some of the initiatives we have been working on that reflect those commitments.

  • Content Refresh: We will refresh and improve content in existing features to enable players to better utilize resources they earn in game. Accordingly, we will be updating the following:

    • Supply Depot
    • Assault Depot
    • Survival Depot
    • War Crates
    • 30 Day Pass Crate
    • 5-Star Recruit Wheel
    • Basic Rewards Wheel
    • Prestige Recruits Wheel
    • Helper Token Wheel
    • Elite Characters Wheel
    • Elite Weapons Wheel
  • Basic Gameplay Updates: We will update basic gameplay to keep older features relevant and exciting. We are looking to make the following improvements:

    • Increase to Roster Cap
    • New Player Levels
    • More permanent collections offering relevant characters (including Gen 2 fighters and S-Class)
    • More frequent Log-in Events
    • Three additional Legacy Ascendables will be released by the end of October, with more to come. The next three will be:
      • “Life and Death” Maggie
      • “Miles Behind Us” Hershel
      • “Road to Survival” Romanov
    • Updates to Survival Road
    • Updates to Faction Assault
  • Communication - We will continue to evolve and improve our player communication strategy to ensure players know what’s coming.

    • We will be launching a new blog with a regular cadence of content
    • We are setting up a Player Council to update and discuss our promises outlined, and to strengthen communication lines between players and the development team.
    • You will see greater communication from our community managers in our forums and other community channels.
  • Technical Stability: We are committed to making the gameplay experience as smooth as possible. We acknowledge that recently we have experienced a lot of technical bugs. We are committed to making this a top priority and will aim to deliver the high quality experience our players deserve.

  • New Gameplay Experiences: We are committed to creating and adding new features to Road to Survival which enhance the game and create new experiences for players.

The content refresh and gameplay improvements will begin rolling out over the next 30 to 60 days, with additional improvements to come going forward. Look for us to provide an update with additional details on timing over the next few weeks.

In the meantime, as a gesture of our commitment and in recognition of your patience we will be sending 1,250 coins to all players by the end of the day Monday and launching a mission event that will reward players who choose to spend those coins on Premier Recruits with an additional reward.

Thank you again to our community for your passion and commitment to Road to Survival.

##### [UPDATE - Mon, Jul 29]

As promised, the 1,250 coin gift has been sent to all players. Please allow up to 12 hours for this to land in your inbox. Once in your inbox, the coins will expire after 3 days, so please login to claim your coins.


Cute, we will see. Three legacies by the END OF OCTOBER? Why cant you release them now and actually make the players happy.


I don’t see any hard dates on any of this, so… useless. On we continue. 1,250 coins? Way too little, way too late. Only three legacies in 3 months? There should be a legacy with EVERY PROMO, period.
The only “good job” this company has done in the last week is 3 posts regarding PU and the council.



and that should also say 8250 coins to all players




Just 3 by the end of October? Holy fk


Any dates on the refreshes to content? and three legacies by end of October is pushing it a bit.
We’ve been here before with a letter from the CEO with promises that never got fulfilled.

How about a new legacy by the end of July. That would go a lot further to assuage people than within 4 months.


:+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2: When implemented, these changes would be a huge step.

I still feel as though 1 ascendable per month is not enough however. I mean 12 a year? You promised to ascend all five stars. Should be more like 24 a year.




A step in the right direction BUT where are the dates? #playersunited


All sounds good but I’m sceptical. Won’t get my hopes up until this is actually put in place.
Three legacies is a shocking number though.


Thank you. Would also love to see increased town hall level too but I guess if 5* weapons come someday may go in line with that


is that October 2019 or 2020? lol


Very good question. Sneaky sneaky scopes

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Nice, if you actually follow through on this adding relevant rewards in the updated wheels/ depots and do all the other things you will restore a bit of faith with the players. Keep in mind you have A long way to go till we will trust you even care about the players, you seem unable to grasp the very basic things that players want and add all these elaborate premier collections and other scumbag hat money making ideas…


Agree that timescales would be good. But if, by the time those three ascendables land, we can look back and most, if not all, of this is done then the game will be a much better experience

These are all good but not new, the real difference and applause comes when these become action. I eagerly await the roadmap to plot out timeframes for these.

I would also like to remind that these shouldn’t be one time things. Content has to KEEP being updated, bugs have to KEEP being fixed, legacies have to KEEP coming, communication has to KEEP being given. It can’t all disappear once the boxes have been ticked once.

That said, I do like what I read. Now to like what I play.


No dates on most, no change. As others have said, I don’t understand why legacies cannot be released starting now.


This all sounds good but I’m in wait and see mode myself.