Promises for the Future - Sept 19 Update

Hello Survivors!

It’s been a little while since we have provided an update on our Promises for the Future, so we are excited to share our progress and what to expect next.

Content Refresh: We will refresh and improve content in existing features to enable players to better utilize resources they earn in game. Accordingly, we will be updating the following:

  • :white_check_mark:Supply Depot
  • :white_check_mark:Assault Depot
  • :white_check_mark:Survival Depot
  • :white_check_mark:War Crates
  • :white_check_mark:30 Day Pass Crate
  • :white_check_mark:5-Star Recruit Wheel
  • :white_check_mark:Basic Rewards Wheel
  • :white_check_mark:Prestige Recruits Wheel
  • :white_check_mark:Helper Token Wheel
  • :white_check_mark:Elite Characters Wheel
  • :white_check_mark:Elite Weapons Wheel

[9/19] Commentary: As many of you know, we updated all the above during the week of August 19 (see post). We have been tracking your feedback and will continue to update these over time. Our goal is to ensure that relevant content continues to be available throughout the game. In the near term, look for another update to the Survival Depot when we launch an update to that feature in early October (see below).

Basic Gameplay Updates: We will update basic gameplay to keep older features relevant and exciting. We are looking to make the following improvements:

  • :white_check_mark:Increase to Roster Cap
  • 🆇 New Player Levels - Early October
  • :arrow_left: 🆇 More permanent collections offering relevant characters (including Gen 2 fighters and S-Class) - S-Class
  • :white_check_mark:More frequent Log-in Events
  • Three additional Legacy Ascendables will be released by the end of October, with more to come. The next three will be:
    • 🆇 “Life and Death” Maggie - Mid-October
    • :white_check_mark:“Miles Behind Us” Hershel
    • :white_check_mark:“Road to Survival” Romanov
  • 🆇 Updates to Survival Road - Early October
  • 🆇 Updates to Faction Assault - November

[9/19] Commentary: Our goal with the basic gameplay updates was to see that they are meaningful. To us, this means meaningful and exciting rewards, as well as gameplay that is fresh and relevant. This also means ensuring that players have paths to earn meta relevant characters. Since our initial post, we have brought back login rewards and released 2 ascendables. We have also introduced permanent collections for S-Class and have begun to rollout our distribution of S-Class collectibles through various features to ensure that all players are able to make progress towards earning any S-Class. We will continue to add Gen 2 characters and future S-Class characters to permanent collections and wheels, as well as events.

We are excited to announce that in early October we will be releasing a significant update to daily and limited time Survival Road. This includes a rebalancing of all levels to include new enemy fighters, new walker waves including those from Walker Hordes, as well as new levels. We are also increasing Survival Marker earning rates and will be adding and adjusting content in the Survival Depot. We are also going to add more player levels to make sure that the experience you earn from the new Survival Road matters. More information coming in a later update.

As for Faction Assault, we are aiming to deliver an update in the middle of November.

Communication - We will continue to evolve and improve our player communication strategy to ensure players know what’s coming.

  • 🆇 We will be launching a new blog with a regular cadence of content - Early October
  • :white_check_mark:We are setting up a Player Council to update and discuss our promises outlined, and to strengthen communication lines between players and the development team.
  • 🆇 You will see greater communication from our community managers in our forums and other community channels.

[9/19] Commentary: The Player Counsel has provided helpful feedback, and helped guide some decision making. With the new blog, we hope to make it easier to access important information that keeps everyone aware of what’s happening within the game.

:arrow_left: 🆇 Technical Stability: We are committed to making the gameplay experience as smooth as possible. We acknowledge that recently we have experienced a lot of technical bugs. We are committed to making this a top priority and will aim to deliver the high quality experience our players deserve.

[9/19] Commentary: This is an area that is an ongoing objective of our team, and we owe it to you to deliver tangible action items.

:arrow_left: New Gameplay Experiences: We are committed to creating and adding new features to Road to Survival which enhance the game and create new experiences for players.

[9/19] Commentary: We’ve heard positive feedback from players on Arenas and that players like the added wrinkles it introduces to the core Raid gameplay. This is an example of the sort of new gameplay experiences that we would like to launch. We are listening to your feedback on the feature, particularly on Domination mode, and will be updating the scoring algorithm in early October to include turns taken in order to make achieving the highest score feel less random. More details to follow.

We would like to continue to create new Arena rules, and we would love to hear your feedback on how to continue to improve this feature.


Ah sh*t here we go again, survival road update sounds good. But why wait so long for a legacy? You release two s classes a month and another bunch of broken gen 2, it’s absolutely unacceptable


It’s been a while? It’s been almost 2 months lol. How’s the communication thing going as I still see an X there.
I think I have a better chance at seance with my dead gran than me actually speaking with someone other than a copy-pasta robot.


A surprise, but a welcome one. It’s good to get some ETAs on these finally. Although I do feel the need to stress some important factors:

  • We need S-Class choice boxes in milestones. There won’t ever be fair distribution until they do arrive there. Consider extended milestone slots to cater for this new permanent addition to the game.
  • There’s also negative feedback regarding arenas, particularly the distribution of Veteran rings and it’s huge effect on leagues. Bear in mind I do generally like this mode and want it to be a positive addition, so I hope these two things are accounted for as well.
  • The major issue which needs the most work is communication. New issues appear all the time (one’s that aren’t going to be covered by these promises), as does new feedback and Scopely needs to be there to hear them. Without good communication, all other promises fall down. Please take a look at the 4 points in #PU’s recommendations that highlight the moves that need to be made in that department; and in general how important that communication is:
    #PlayersUnited: Communicating is an Art and a Science

But it is nice to see you returning to your promises and not allowing dust to collect on them. Please do continue listening to and engaging with your players in good faith. We want the game to do well just as much as you. For different reasons maybe but neither are mutually exclusive.


You mean the PC that some members have quit?


We all appreciate the updates to the updates, but I still feel it is unacceptable to not offer legacy tones more often. Especially the three you have announced. I am sure that life and death Maggie is done, but now you are taking the time to “modify” her. As long as you modify her in a good way for F2P, it is fine. I wont even go so far as to say bide or payback (which you should do for the community) but something needed and relevant in this meta. Do right but the players, you have the time to make it right, so DO IT

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Wow… just move on like that eh? The power gap is a huge issue that was just increased with raulito, that wasnt even acknowledged.


How about fixing the trait shuffle portion of arenas? I gave it the benefit of the doubt that maybe it’d change week to week but nope it’s stuck with red advantage over green which sure isn’t shuffled. Also, refresh the draft mode. It’ll get stale with all the same characters to choose from and if you haven’t noticed yet is a much better way to advertise a new character than a stupid roadmap.



Step in the right direction Scopely that you even gave an update on your promises. So thank you. Pretty sure thats never been done before, so kudos to you, to PC, and to your playerbase.

Hope you’ll continue to listen to the feedback from your community on ways to return this game to a more balanced and enjoyable state.


i appreciate the information so thank you for saying it but at least for me it does not distract enough from the questions of the odds and manipulating of them from a player to the next and maybe there needs a structured ama type of thing with developers and the monetization departments here that is visible to all here but only a dozen or so players voted on to ask questions so it does not go crazy :slightly_smiling_face:


I am happy you read my threads on how to count scores in arenas. Turn counting is a big stepping forward.
But i miss the adressing of communication.






Also, am I the only one who’s weirded out that after Maggie, and looking at the wording of what they plan to do, any other ascendables are never mentioned…


I can’t wait to see how utterly useless Maggie will be just like Romanov and Herschel.


Not to mention the Gap. Nor the article that shall remain nameless…



Pretty nice, but you didn’t say anything about the gap that cannot be closed now with all these S-Class toons. You should either remove them completely to balance the game or make them more obtainable if you know what others mean here.

Also, we are still waiting for a proper compensation for all the confusion that happened this week. Simple promises are not enough. Do, don’t tell.

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Yawn nothing they have done since pu started has made the game better


Being that the player’s know about the buckets and the odd manipulation :thinking: can we be let know what bucket we are in when contacting support and what the true odds are based on our bucket, also how much $$$$$$$ we need to shell out to reach the next bucket level?