Promises for the future revisited

Thought I’d look back at promises for the future, just a few snippets, I couldn’t find the post where they said War was the main event of the game and the rewards should reflect that, feel free to add I know there’s loads


You hit the nail right on the head. We only had one daily log in and that was first the gold bars. Still no faction assualt and it now December. They seem to have bitten off more than they can chew with their promises.


They did hedge it in various ways “we aim to have it ready…” etc, so it’s not a very definite promise.

They can’t even understand how their own events work, even after they got it wrong several times already and could have just made a cheat sheet. Of course they can’t put an accurate estimate on FA updates.

Gr said a couple times now that fa update was pushed into early January.

They are really struggling at Scopes to keep the game under control, guess that’s what happens when resources are diverted to games they care about imo

I know doesn’t change it was a promise

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But at least they said something

You can see my bucket is empty. I’m scraping the bottom

It was a promise post…

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Ha ha yes but did they give you something definitive or was it all a little bit misty :hugs:

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I don’t really believe it though - I play both NML and Our world as well, and it was noticable when OW was released and things went very buggy in NML for a while. They had a brief period where there were serious issues, they gave huge amounts of very good compensation, and proceeded more cautiously, implementing only important things and making sure they worked etc. It didn’t even come close to this bewildering string of complete failure on an epic scale that RTS has been in for the last two months or so.

This can’t be explained with regular incompetence anymore, this is complete organizational dysfunction. I do believe it’s intentional, but probably not in the sense that they are trying to wind the game down. The only thing that remotely makes sense to me is that there is some conflict within Ops and they are deliberately sabotaging their own product in order to score points in some petty office war.


Yeah, they did promise FA updates, but they did not promise the time, they only said when they wanted it to be ready. If they had intended to promise the time, they would have said " As for Faction Assault, will deliver an update in the middle of November. not As for Faction Assault, we are aiming to deliver an update in the middle of November. These sorts of hedges are used to make a statement less definitive.

Scopely pay way more attention to the way they deflect from problems in their game than they do to the actual problems in their game, and that is a huge part of the problem.

Reading between the lines has shown me that they will promise to bring out pay to play events and stashes to the spenders spending so they can keep flexing. :muscle:

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Only login in event that has happened is James and Christa

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Yeah this game is 4 years old and shouldn’t be this buggy

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Well, maybe. They’re constantly doing new things and switching up how things work. People who originally did particular bits may now be elsewhere, and no one who still works on the game might know how exactly they function, which will cause issues when trying to re-purpose them. There’s also the issue that in a live game, you sometimes need to do things quick and dirty; this dirt accumulates and leads to all sorts of issues down the road. Four years ago they didn’t know the game would be around this long, so you always have to balance what sort of effort is necessary to do the task at hand with the resources you have.

I have a lot of understanding for these kinds of issues. I have absolutely no patience for how they handle things right now. I called it an absolute disgrace ages ago, and since then things have deteriorated immensely. I’m at a loss for words. They are doing a huge disservice to the game, to the community, and to their own investments and profit.


Well they got a bunch of people spending again and getting ready for WOC, PU has been really quite also, no need to continue with promises that were made only to quite the masses when the masses are quite :man_shrugging:

You do know promises don’t count unless you add « cross my heart and hope to die, stick a needle in my eye » and physically cross your heart with your finger?

But seeing the mess with survival road, maybe they should shelve the rest of thé intended updates til they can get them right…