Promises checklist/Content tracker

Any progress updates for us?

@GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely


Territorys glitch still happening, but wait, theres a mod level up comming! Forget the promos and work on the bassics please. If we can barely play the game you have, why add more buggy events for more player frustration.


Nice! I got a refill once, back when territories first started glitching. Ever since though they always basically say sorry not sorry. Even once when I lost 8 energy in about 30 min due to glitches, they refused to compensate… smh

Bump, checklist not looking good so far

their ability to resource issues is based on the same people GR/JB report to.
The issue is inventory leakage and mgmt has a policy against it.


Within minutes, guys. Within minutes.
You dont have to code anything. Its just using the engine.
But! They wont add some random toons. They have a plan for f2p “meta” as well.


This is excellent. Great job @deathbringer :blush:

Oh @deathbringer do u think you could create like a error report, so there is a visible log/tracker of issues and error made by scopely with updates like the ticks you have done and responses from Scopely? E.g. 1 error would be the free coin issue with some customers receiving 4 times the amount… The beta bug issues with some customers being locked out of the game for days even a week… birthday cake issue with some customer receiving them even though they are non SC members etc.

Usually most changes are made in updates. This newest update of arenas will come with some updates apparently.

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That will most certainly be bugged lol

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As ive said before theirs only a finite reasource of items, lets take Zach for example in the promo wheel now, only X amount of number of Zachs exist, like stun guns and coins, once those are had, they cant just like code more or something :smirk:

i think, ill just post the way i did til now. my ambitions are limited and im on my retirement tour in the game so dont know how long will i still play. though the gathered resources make one wanna come back and still play. scopely tricks work unfortunately.

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Yo thats a…

And adding some Bump!

Territories! You forgot about them :wink:

Ty this is awesome to keep tabs on how poorly Scopes is doing🤗

I will never understand why scopely is like this. Is it really that hard to update the most basic features of the game to keep players somewhat happy? You would think they would try everything to make us happy so we could $pend more but nope

due to scopely showcasing the new s class priya we should start talking about the promises and updates with regard to being relevant in the new meta. the promised ascendables to be added to the 5☆ tokens start looking like 3☆…


Keep it up