Promises checklist/Content tracker

Promises posted July 26th
Promises deadline September 24th

Promises for the Future

Content Refresh : We will refresh and improve content in existing features to enable players to better utilize resources they earn in game. Accordingly, we will be updating the following:
:white_check_mark: Supply Depot (August 16th)
:white_check_mark: Assault Depot (August 16th)
:white_check_mark: Survival Depot (August 16th)
:white_check_mark: War Crates (August 16th)
:white_check_mark: 30 Day Pass Crate (August 16th)
:white_check_mark: 5-Star Recruit Wheel (August 16th)
:white_check_mark: Basic Rewards Wheel (August 16th)
:white_check_mark: Prestige Recruits Wheel (August 16th)
:white_check_mark: Helper Token Wheel (August 16th)
:white_check_mark: Elite Characters Wheel (August 16th)
:white_check_mark: Elite Weapons Wheel (August 16th)

Basic Gameplay Updates : We will update basic gameplay to keep older features relevant and exciting. We are looking to make the following improvements:
□ Increase to Roster Cap
□ New Player Levels
□ More permanent collections offering relevant characters (including Gen 2 fighters and S-Class)
:eight_spoked_asterisk: More frequent Log-in Events (30 day log in event with 8 veteran rings, August 19th)
□ Three additional Legacy Ascendables will be released by the end of October, with more to come. The next three will be:
□ “Life and Death” Maggie
:white_check_mark: “Miles Behind Us” Hershel (August 18th)
:white_check_mark: “Road to Survival” Romanov ( August 3rd, people were not pleased with his stats :-1:)
□ Updates to Survival Road
□ Updates to Faction Assault

:x: Communication - We will continue to evolve and improve our player communication strategy to ensure players know what’s coming (through the first 18 days no improved communication was noticed, August 13th) .
□ We will be launching a new blog with a regular cadence of content
□ We are setting up a Player Council to update and discuss our promises outlined, and to strengthen communication lines between players and the development team.
:x: You will see greater communication from our community managers in our forums and other community channels (no greater communication in sight, August 13th) .

Technical Stability : We are committed to making the gameplay experience as smooth as possible. We acknowledge that recently we have experienced a lot of technical bugs. We are committed to making this a top priority and will aim to deliver the high quality experience our players deserve.

New Gameplay Experiences : We are committed to creating and adding new features to Road to Survival which enhance the game and create new experiences for players.
□ The content refresh and gameplay improvements will begin rolling out over the next 30 to 60 days, with additional improvements to come going forward. Look for us to provide an update with additional details on timing over the next few weeks.

:x: In the meantime, as a gesture of our commitment and in recognition of your patience we will be sending 1,250 coins to all players by the end of the day Monday (:pancakes: received tuesday 12 pm) and
:white_check_mark: launching a mission event that will reward players who choose to spend those coins on Premier Recruits with an additional reward (:joy: "a mission event" - a ulysses, lilith or 10k 5☆ tokens, lol) .

Bugs, content, glitches tracker:
:white_check_mark: Rewards - people noticed improved raid milestones (August 6th).
:x: Toons - Jessie Anderson was put in the ascendance tower, then was taken out and mega buffed, which was not well received by the players base… (August 8th).
:x: Toons - the 4th anniversy event toon, which is to be acquired by the f2p players since a long time, is relevant only 20% of the time. so about as much as the game is fun for f2p (August 8th).
:x: Rewards - faction raid and ToC milestones are garbage. back to reality (August 11th).
:x: Glitches - in season store mystery bags contain replenish/bloody shirts (August 11th).
:x: Rewards not sent out - new club member map renewed but people got no cake to open it (August 13th).
:x: Toons - The new S class Priya is a slap in the face, an attempt to reset our progress in this game, like our effort and money never existed.
:x: Game content - Arenas are introduced, people are unable to play :pancakes: (August 19th)
:x: Game content - when upgrading the game to the latest version the Arenas event became unavailable (August 22nd)


Scopely’s response to all of this: So what?

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communication better, gr spends a lot of time on the forum now, mergining Jessie, promises and stuff up topics together.

line is for the super 1337 whale forums only


Come the 26th of September that list will have minimal positive checks…

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that’s how it works. once they gave slightly better prizes, people are happy but in a moment they will forget about it and again we will get poor prizes in the next event. I still don’t understand why none of you are calling for more prizes in milestone and rank. 4 slots instead of 3.
4years, lot of tokens, collection items ect and we stiil get only 3 items/milestone and rank :weary:


I know scopely said that these updates and changes were going to take some time to implement…however…I can see absolutely zero reason why some of these would take ANY time at all to put into play…specifically:

  • all of the wheel updates…I KNOW it cannot be difficult to switch out which toons and weapons are on the wheels…you add/delete/change things on wheels all the time

  • all of the Depot updates…the vast majority of stuff in the depots are and have been useless trash for quite some time…again, not a difficult change to programming to add stuff people might actually use

  • increase to roster cap…I mean, this seems like a 5 second coding change

C’mon, scopely…can you give us ANY believable reason why the above changes could not have been put into play 24 hours after your post listing changes? You managed to program and add wheels and roadmaps and item collections for balloons and picnic baskets and pies and eggs and butter which were all amazingly confusing and convoluted and involved…but you can’t do a super simple thing like change the toons on the 5* wheel or 4* weapons or make the toons on the monthly subscription ascendable or relevant?


I swear when they updated the wheels the last time there was a comment about them doing something that would make updating the wheels easier in the future. Maybe I’m misremembering but if that were true then something as simple as updating the 5* wheel with more relevant toons and gen 2s would be a good first move. Several things will take time to implement but other things aren’t as complicated and given roughly 2 weeks or more since the movement started there definitely are some things they could have done by now. Like giving us a legacy toon that is better than Romanov.

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Bump. Are all the boxes ticked yet?

Tick tock Scroatly :alarm_clock:

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@GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely @ForumAdmin

It might be worth pinning this thread too so people can see just how little you guys have delivered so far. :+1:


Rewards are still pretty trash honestly


Was still pumping out promo after promo still on the list? Check mark on that one

Lol that list will never be completed with positive ticks. :joy:
Come on we all know that this is Scopley.

But the season trophy #s are higher… So theyust be giving out good rewards, right?

If i was in charge of this company I honestly wouldn’t keep the promises i made for the simple fact that it’s easy to manipulate this player base into spending so why keep the promises if that is gonna require me to work a little more.


scopely doesnt care about its players. We are all in a very unhealthy and abusive relationship with a pathological liar…

disappointed time and time again, only to be swooned with hope based on pretty words and hollow promises.


I have full and complete faith in Scopely keeping all of their promises within the timeframe they provided

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You’re not mis-remembering. Was about to mention the exact same thing. An update a few months ago was supposed to give them the ability to quickly and easily make changes to the wheels.

Either way though, we’ve seen how incredibly fast they can change things…when they want to. Updating the wheels should have been done within days. Should have been plenty of time to decide what changes to make AND implement them.


Thank you for confirming. Wheel updates would have been a very easy change to make by now

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