Progress reset after region migration


I performed the migration of my account from early to Marshall. This took a while but after the process finished the game restart and open in tutorial and with a starter village. All my progress was lost (characters, weapons, mods, gears, items, rings, gallons, etc). I had 69.923 of reputation. The new village appear in the leaderboard with the same 69.923 but lvl2 with nothing more.
Please fix this bug and give my village back.!


Surprised it took this long for the first one of these posts. Hope you get your account back mate


Maybe you hit the “Join” button instead of “Transfer”? Go back to your original region by hitting the “Return” key if it’s there and see if your old account is back there.


there is another post on this glitch Happened to a guy that transferred to our region Hope it’s fixed soon Did you take any screenshots of roster and town before you transferred? If so send to Scopely support with your help request


The account in early gonne. Now appear join. In Marshall I already had a village. Then the only option were return or transfer.


The account you bring over to a region will overwrite any account you already have there


I already send mensage to support, but no answer.


He has 69 thousand rep and 0 wins/losses he obviusly transfered


Did you screenshoot your roster and your items before transfer?


Of my roaster yes, but forgot weapons, mods and gears


They should still have the information of it so I wouldnt worry too much


My account before of transfer


Hello, just a quick note to let you know that I’ve passed this on to be looked at.


The same thing has happened to me @JB.Scopely is there anyway the account can be recovered?


Thank you @JB.Scopely


Just reload the game, that’s what fixed it for me


For me don’t resolve. I load the account in another device e continue the same too.


clear cache? uninstall the game reinstall,.


Keep surviving


My account was recovered, but in old region. I would like to know when the transfer will be active again to me join my teamates