Progress on Tara?


Our faction has completed numerous tier five Faction assaults. So far no one has gotten the earrings for Tara yet. Have any of you made headway on getting her?


A couple of mates got one but I’ll stand by what I said, we won’t see a leveled up Tara before 2019 xD


As far as I know, no one in my faction has gotten anything for her yet


I will be making a follow up post in a few weeks as we edge closer to the poll voted time frame on my original post I made about Tara - so far it is not going too well in terms of Tara progress.


One person in my faction has received the gold earrings for the 5 star Tara.


I have one gold earring, and a faction mate of mine has 3 I believe, so he’s really close.

That doesn’t help too much though, since you need 7 flare guns just to ascend her, plus another 6 to get her to 6* T3, then ANOTHER 6 to get her to T4.

For reference, I currently have 2 total.


I have one platinum ring.


I got one gold ring on my very first time completing faction assault. Nothing since…



To raise the level Tara, this item will be required.
In order to raise the level to the maximum, you need 20 units


are there screenshots of this anywhere? and is this the 5* to 6* T4 requirements?


I conclude that we either do not get the maximum level of the character ever, or we’ll do it in 10 years.


It is necessary to find a screenshot, my friend showed that each level of the character 6 * requires 2 subjects. +4, +6, +8.


It is confirm lockdown, and double digits are required for all of 5*, then onto the 6*

Is tara really that good? i dont see her being game changing by any means.


I think when we get a character, we will not need it anymore.


Middle of the first post.


I found a screenshot


Whys here thong out like a thot, still hoin it up in the apocalypse.


Yea thanks and thanks @Katolo

So 5* from T1 lvl1 to maxed 6* T4 is 19, 6* T1 lvl1 to max 6* T4 is 12.


She’s really not even that good. Terrible defense, Mira is still the better overall leader, and her active skil is nothing special either. No where worth all that effort required to get her in my opinion. For everyone f2p that needs a red we have the Gov.

Soon. I hope. Maybe? :wink:


She is good as an attack leader as reds will get a turn2 rush on command.