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Lately I’ve been feeling that I’m not making any progress at all in this game, and I see many people feeling similarly. Lategame is always going to slow down in any game, but the problem is that I’m not seeing what progress there could even be.

Obivously, the top attraction in the game is different toons. To upgrade those toons, you need gear, liliths/adens, medals and mods. Gear is farmable (URG, Elite and lower, with some restrictions) or in the league store. The rest is available as event rewards. For a long time, this basic loop - get more toons, get the stuff to upgrade them, so you can get more toons, repeat - worked really well. I don’t think it does anymore.

Since the start of this year, the amount of toons you can get has greatly decreased (particularly through the change in solo levelup tournaments rewards, and elsewhere). This makes this loop partially pointless - if you have nothing to upgrade, why bother going hard in an event for things you don’t need and resources to help you in another event, where you can win things you don’t need and resouces to help in another event, where you can (and so on). Why bother?

But the problem goes deeper - even when you do have toons to ascend, level, or improve in the ways above, in most cases, it is pointless to do so, because you’re probably not going to use them. Daily SR is finished at 400, and the pvp meta has very particular restrictions. I’m not going to complain about shields and revives being unbeatable - they’re not, even is you don’t have the current crop of chase attack toons - but every team that is remotely viable has to beat them now, across all levels of play. This allows for more or less three kinds of attack teams - ultra speed, decap, and heavy control. So lots of toons are useless - you max them and then don’t use them.

If you have lots of toons, you can build different teams to beat particular opponents more quickly or more consistently, and therefore get some value out of them. But I have become disillusioned by this - it fails more often than not. And much of the reason for this is mods, in particular resist mods. Gold or high silver stun/impair resists are obligatory on most teams, and quite hard to get - I’ve had better success taking my main team against their weak traits than a team with trait advantage - at least my main team has a decent chance to attack or rush.

So the main purpose of getting and maxing characters seems to be just to have them - and the game, with its roster limits and cumbersome interface for selecting characters makes this as unpleasant as it can.

At this point, I’m not even sure what good rewards might even look like - unless there is a huge shakeup of the whole game, or some new mode that makes all this toon leveling and improving meaningful.


I would disagree on amount of toon available this year. I mean they released several gen 2 toons this year that can be had from ascension and wheels.
I have more toons than gear. That brings up the fact that everyone goes through rotations on what they need. Scopley has a way of starving people on what they need then shoving it down your throat. Some people have tons of lilths and adens and no toons, some have toons and no gear, some have gear and nothing to use them on.
I agree the new reward style isn’t ideal as is, it would need to have an exchange system for items to 5* tokens or gear to really be effective.
Unfortunately the cms we have are rare to answer any questions, whether its because they cant or wont idk, and we have no idea if our feedback is taken to “the team” or if theres even a “team” to take it too :joy:

It’s a reasoned post and so I’ll try a reasoned reply. 3 points that caught my eye:

I would disagree about toons, on one basis has this faltered and that’s in war. The change to the level up reward structure is minimal (some lucky people may miss out from RNG crate). In regards to war I agree to extending the stash so all can get a pull. However in the last 3 months, they’ve ran 3 events - Mittens (2018 but the context is relevant), John/Maggie and Road warriors. In addition they’ve released 4 legacies too and the league toons. So I wouldn’t argue that toon intake has gone down. Rather it’s changed to fixed toons. (War being the original randomiser)

Now this plays into the point I agree with you on. More PvE! PvP will always require a certain team to fit a certain meta. Example, I got Sophia from road warriors, nowhere does she help my att or def. However she’d be very handy on several ideas floated around on new or improved game modes to test rosters, three that I’ve seen that come to mind:

  • A harder difficulty SR
  • You hinted at perhaps expanding daily SR past 400. Let’s chuck it in
  • My own idea, a weekly challenge roadmap. Super hard (original mod map difficulty), it’s opponents change weekly to test all ends of your roster

I definitely want to see a new or improved gamemode which takes the PvP-centric gameplay off the gas for a few minutes. This adds a bit of worth to the toons we’ll pickup through aforementioned events and you can move at your own and your roster’s pace for a bit.

And finally, rewards. A controversial opinion, I don’t mind the current mod/trainer rewards, or even the token milestones. I mind the amount. Obviously we’re not in a toon-free-flow period of the game, we’re in a build-up-what-you have period (you can judge this by the top reward (10 bennies = Ascend what you have / 10K 5* tokens = Have a punt at some new toons, etc)). 1 silver/gold reward for solo raid can easily be 2, 3, 4. It’s still probably not what I want or need. In another area, league tokens, double the amounts!

TL:DR for those that read 3 words and gave up. Toon intake is fine, it’s currently just linear to specific toons. (Except War). /// Improve or introduce, or both!, a new PvE game mode that helps dust the cobwebs off some parts of our rosters /// Reward fix is quantity, over quality. Be it mod boxes, trainers, tokens, league tokens (gear). Exception is war, extend the stash!


If you can get a pull on a wheel that is - you used to be able to get 1-2 pulls on the 5* wheel per week just from event rewards and things like the 1000 tokens on the mod map. Now it may take weeks, because those 1000 tokens are the most consistent source.

I’m a little low on gear, (6*T3 in particular), but I have 200k league tokens or so saved so I could get some if I really needed them. I have like 8 6* that have their ARs not maxed, so I could use some Liliths, but even if their ARs were maxed they probably wouldn’t get used, because I maxed those that seemed useful already and I’m not using them. (I will probably find a use for Guardian Rick, who’s not maxed, but if it was urgent I could open one of the war boxes that also have Benedicts that I can’t use right now).

So that would leave toons. Scopely are obviously not going to hand out the new premier meta toons as event rewards, and I’m not sure there are any characters that I really need (some that I kind of want, sure, but that would probably end up collecting dust in my roster).

And I guess that was my point: everyone agrees that the rewards right now are absolute and utter trash. But I don’t know what good rewards would be, because almost everything is barely of any use.


Great post, thanks.

I agree I may not have been quite fair on the toon side; they actually hand out ascendables at a decent rate (not that they’re doing anything). I was conflating this with the general reduction in toons - I’ve been getting 2mil in virtually every levelup since September or so, and had to stop in the middle of February because I ran out of things to level (keeping some T4L1s in reserve). level up tournaments right now are just not sustainable, especially now that you need to hit top 50 every time to get the bottom rung reward.

Fully agree on your PvE point, the challenge map sounds like a great idea (but I fear it would lead to lots of complaining - either people who can’t beat it and miss out on great rewards, people complaining that they have to do long and difficult fights for crap rewards, or most likely both).

I half agree on your point about rewards - in general, the cyclical nature of reward distribution is a good thing, even if players always complain about it. And obviously more rewards is better in general. But on the other hand, I’m not sure this would actually make them better - double nothing is still nothing, except you have more roster/inventory management to do,


Originally only the Top 10 in level up would get a confirmed toon. And then this toon was rather bottom rung standard. The best fix idea I support here is a smaller collection to cash in those medals/lugnuts/teddys so they don’t go to waste. But only auxiliary things - medals and such. 1st place having to try in 2 for top reward could be improved on as well. You don’t have to put up 2m each level up though, I think you’re quite the outlier in that regard. Congrats! But it’s inevitable you’re going to run short at that rate.

As for people complaining, difficulty, they can put in different tiers, but at the end of the day, it’s a late-game feature, if you can’t beat it use it as a measurement of your improvement! Rewards, I’d structure around gear (decided by current events though). It’s strangled so much I think any amount of 6* gear would be accepted. 4 week cycle through each trait. Call it 4 stages, take yellow. Knife sheath for each stage (some very generous token drops included), 3 whetstone reward, and a few other stuff? Not breaking the bank but it builds over time.

I don’t see anything as ‘nothing’. Even those 2k elite tokens and a long coat play into T4ing a 5 * or T2ing a 6 *. As someone said, perhaps over the top, but you wouldn’t complain if it were 50k elite tokens, you’d start seeing items build right up. Doesn’t have to be that extreme, but 10k wouldn’t be half bad (Basing this on the current rewards right now). Same goes for mods or trainers. If there’s going to be a gear stranglehold, it should be during the toon-free-flow period, not the build-up-your-resources which is where we are now

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Nobody cares … it the devs not the cms … and definitly not us . Everyone is in the same boat bud on the way out

Point well taken, just my experience from when they had the harder maps running. If the progress in the game is about collecting different toons, there have to be uses for them, and anything would be an improvement in my opinion.

Elite tokens are actually a pretty decent reward, no complaints from me there, esp if its gear, ERG is usually in short supply. The trainers are annoying, but because you can pull when it suits you, it’s not as bad as the direct rewards that you have to claim within 30 days.

Mods and trainers are more of a mixed bag - I definitely need more stun/impair resist, and a select few others, but buying the gold mods from the league store each week I have a lot of different mods (I only put them on characters I’m using, which is limited because for PvP you need stun/impair resist), and without good filtering you have to scroll a lot. Trainers can be a huge pain because of roster space - selling them seems like a waste, but finding a productive use is a headache. This is especially true for Benedicts and active skill trainers.

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Never had excess of AS trainers, or currently for 2-4* trainers, but Bennies I filter into SR points, Wanderer still evades me. Whole other argument about overhauling the depots there too lol

While the number of 5* tokens given from solo LUs have been taken out, you’re forgetting the number of 5* tokens given in faction LU has been increased by like 5 times.

Of course, it’s not exactly equal in terms of the fluctuation, (for good or for bad) but there has been that change regardless.

I think the top 10 for 5* went away when 6s came out, so we’re realistically looking at the more recent format of top 3 for ascendable 5.

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I think you’re right, I confess I was unsure myself about that. Only been gone a month and I’ve utterly forgotten the structure lol

I wouldn’t mind like a monthly roadmap with 3 tiers of difficulty and at the end of the month depending if you completed the lowest level of roadmaps or hardest there were some sort of unique toon.
War could have unique toons. Continue the stash with tokens not having expiration. They have the crate with 3 toons already in game play and a unique toon. That toon available for 2 wars.
Problem is they are working on stuff like sc (jbs only response today was about the working of a new toon)
Theres so many ways they could provide toon diversity and still make their money.
People like having options.
If lets say they released a premiere toon and a new unque toon for war prizes people would still purchase those premiers. They could of very easily made the alpha/beta/whatever her name is war prizes and people would of went nuts even tho other toons are better.
The more toons f2p have the more whales spend to be ahead. I will say the amount of toons released this year is going well imo some really great toons released. It all goes back to the rewards and what they are lacking.

Alot to read there lol

Big question that gets asked alot is (1) “what’s the point?” grind spend work hard on leveling toons leveling mods working on weapons to get teams together (2) and for what?

Most players are now bottle necked with gear by the design of scopley for there offers and what not which is understandable. League store is away to get gear yes but prices need lowered 13,000 for GPS is fair with a 6 day wait.
Most features have been put into game and not retouched or improved. This needs to change updating some of these would breathe life back into aspects of the game.
Changing up sr from rewards (6star toon or versions of sr toons) to adding more levels would not be unwelcomed but additional harder level would make scopley scale all lower milestones and rewards down.
Players asked for a toon for levels up like the old days well technically that’s what they have done (lug nuts) I think they should only be the top 5 get them and gold tolkens or liliths or gps/canteen. Just because it’s unrealistic to get enough in the top 50 and I know you can buy them or save up.

I love to see such well thought out posts and ideas.
Really shows the passion for the game.

I gave up a year ago after been ignored a year before that.

Such a shame but Scopley have given up on this game.
And now we see masses of players leaving.
Sunsetting was real…just a slow burn.

When I saw JB post on what there working to improve when I asked I knew it was over 100%.
There things that were asked about a year ago… like the digits when gaining food from Supply Depot. How hard is it to put that in or increase quantity to 1million…
The whole list was a joke…

Holy rap, thats a lot of reading guys.

It went from 1.000 to 2.500; the increase doesn’t even make up for the change in one solo level up, not to mention the 5* tokens removed from the other tournaments.

A bigger change is the increase in availability of silver medals making ascension to 5* viable again.

I did say for better and for worse, mainly because the increase will fluctuate depending on your faction. I didn’t pay attention to what lower factions got for faction LU, so I’ll assume they got worse.

However, #1 went from 10k 5* tokens to 50k 5* tokens, and #2 went from 8k 5* tokens to 40k 5* tokens if I remember correctly. For first and second alone, the drastic increase easily surpasses what those players would have gotten if they just got 1k 5* tokens from the solo LU boxes.

Of course, there’s the missed opportunity of a chance at the ascendable 5*, but I’m just talking specifically about the number of 5* tokens gone and given in solo/faction LUs.

For top 3 factions maybe, top 25 went from 1000 to 2500, also just talking about the number of 5* tokens. And unless I’m remembering this wrong, it used to be 22k 5 tokens on the solo levelup, and substantially more if you got top 10.

You’re definitely right that some people are in a better position right now though, I should have been more explicit about that (but people are already complaining that it’s too much to read).

I know I only got like 1k 5* tokens from putting in 5 points, so that was around top 1000? If you’re thinking 22k 5* tokens, we’re looking at like top 100 for solo LUs? Someone putting in top 100 for solo LUs could be in a top 25 faction, but I’m sure you’d agree that it will be an unrealistic comparison in terms of effort for rewards.