Profanity Filter?


Good work I love a good swear, not much to work with there lol


“touch me”


I was replying to a faction mate I had just dueled…


My faction leader, who is one of the nicest guys in the game, sent out a message anout mins for the weekend and it censored “500 and survival road”… seriously? This is out of control. I’m about done with the game. Scopely has ruined it’s best feature. After 3 years, I’m leaving the game if this doesn’t get fixed.


Omg those pants…had to watch some of the video…good stuff



I said ‘dev is a weak link’. Link is blocked.


‘Drunken’ is prohibited. The 20s ended Scopely, move on


can’t even say “forums” in chat


It’s okay to quit. But, a majority of players who say they will quit will not.


Here are my 2 cents that are probably worth less than that lol. The censoring of words is insane. Is this game NOT rated NC? Did I miss a rating drop sometime? I don’t understand why adults, who come on to play with friends we’ve made over the course of YEARS are being punished for parents not paying attention to what their childern are doing online.

I wouldn’t have that big of an issue with it if it only censoring swear words but there are a whole list of random words that are being banned. My faction leader, who is one of the nicest guys in game, sent out a message about mins and it censored “500 and survival road”… SERIOUSLY? Why? Scopely is ruining the game by making it nearly impossible to have conversations in game. I’ve played, and spent, for over 3 years but THIS may be the final straw that makes me quit. I’ve attached a ss of the message just in case anyone trys to say it was censored for other reasons.



There is already a topic on this, no need to create new posts. And if something like this is enough to make you quit maybe you should…


You act as if clamping down and messing around on one of the oldest and best features of the game (social) which has acted as a lifeline to so many people isn’t something to be upset about.


When you cant talk in game anymore whats ponit of chats… and shit talking on war No more mass dms for your group


Ikr it has to go, just tried to change my name for raid tourney to Small d and it was banned geez, keep on surviving


They have to be ruining the game in purpose.
Got to be at. The point where they just want it to go away.

No way a company is this clueless.
This update has to be the worst I’ve ever seen…
All the fixes that could have been made and we get this…



Trying to talk in chat is like a guess what they are saying. I can’t talk to anyone. And my name is shoota, when anyone says is it censors it out. So I mean I changed it but it is a pain in the ass that I had to change it and that I can’t talk to anyone without #####.


It would be nice if the CM,s could give us a response, many people are still playing the game ONLY because of the social aspect, and that’s been taken away oops Scopely


Who cares really, just adjust your vocabulary or just ignore the chat. Shit talking doesnt matter


adjust your vocabulary how you going to do that when you have no idea what NORMAL words that atin blocked…