Profanity Filter?


This post made me chuckle.


yeah, I know, I just wanted to stick it to ya. :kissing_heart: I wonder which one supersedes? It’s just a c.y.a. statement from both but i’m curious if one holds more weight than the other…


This game is rated 17+. The ToS covers all of Scopelys products, I believe.


I like you sticking it tom me :wink: My gut says the developer, but honestly its a toss up



Exactly? So the TOS can apply to ALL games meaning the age for agreement to RTS is found in the TOS


Ah, I see your problem. You don’t realize how, why or who actually rates a game. The IARC is a coalition of game ratings organizations that rate games because if games were able to rate themselves they would all give themselves whatever rating was best for their business and not which was in the consumers best interest.


The IRAC does not have a rating for “17+” that in fact here is their rating list

I was going to keep going and say more but I am bored now. Just silly to throw age rating around now like anyone ever follows it to begin with, not just on RTS but about anything


A games rating may differ from region to region based on their local rating organization under the IARC coalition. You seem to recognize there is a ratings governing body now understand that the ToS states that Scopely would have preferred a rating of 13 which the governing ratings system had not agreed with.


I knew there was someone that rated the games and that the developer themselves did not, but I doo appreciate you informing me of WHO it was.

Who enforces it? Is it legally applicable in situations?


You have forgotten to remind him about the search button with a meme.


The ppl saying it’s 17+ are the ones who secretly needed their mommies’ permission to play and don’t want to admit it. So they pretend they are 18.


The current push to clean up the game would lead me to believe they want to open the game up to a larger younger audience and after removing the strong language may resubmit their game to be rated again in hopes of a lower restriction. Could this be what is coming?


the day that happens is the day they remove blood, tone down what little gore they have, and instead of dying they have that old drowned animation from 3 years ago.


I would think their bigger obstacle would be the storyline cutscenes, especially the prison battle cutscene. Maybe it’ll have a big censored bar over it in the future or perhaps a kitten placed over the governors face instead.


Image result for smeckledorfed remember no swearing


Does that mean there will be no more swearing storylines in the game?

I’m also curious what type of spending 13 year olds will be able to keep up?















Im surprised to see that Scopely isn’t a taboo word. Maybe try Scamly ?


Well, blow and underwear are blocked out. Even Pedobear is! Lol


LMAO…sounds about right…shit show