Profanity Filter?


this is all RTS has been for a couple years now


Thats the problem with censorship… once you accept it, usually for what you’d consider a ‘reasonable’ case.

There will always be someone in charge of deciding what is a ‘good’ word and what is a ‘bad’ word, which can continually change.

All that was ever needed was what they had. Someone being a jerk in a chatroom to the point where you can’t take it, hit that block button. BAM… its gone.

Leaving the decision and responsibility up to the individual players is the only reasonable course of action. Also something some in gov’t and SJW’s should learn as well…




I was just banned for trying to tell a team mate a 76 AR poped Rd 2. Give me a break I cant even talk about actual game related things anymore. This had gotten beyond stupid. If forcing people away is the new meta then MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!


Are you sure you didn’t say it “pooped” Rd 2? That’s totally offensive.


Nope said poped


still find it offensive lol just like that faction with the word mothakfrs in it, highly offensive and should be bnnd as well


maybe it thought 76 AR was some kind of assault rifle talk you were engaging in you bad boy. Can’t have talk about dangerous guns in chat you know, could have been seen as threatening.


Yeah cause you know there ain’t Dwight’s AR or nothing like that.


I don’t understand why you people aren’t complaining about things that matter. For example, this chat restriction is ridiculous. Everyone is 17+ according to the rating so we don’t need any regulation in out chats aka censorship especially when scopely is killing the game. Our whole faction wants to quit because of ridiculous bans on chat or not being able to express themselves. Other facs are talking about doing the same. You’re killing the region as well as the game. Fix territories and be productive instead of infringing on peoples speech and expression. If they dont want to chat. Turn global off duh. Dont ruin it for everyone.


really? no one is complaining? you haven’t seen the other couple dozen posts?


Wait. Are you saying people aren’t complaining about the chat restriction? Because over a dozen threads say otherwise.

And what do you mean ‘you people’?


HAHAHAHAHAHA Implying we haven made polls and countless threads complaining about this actual issue?!?!? Scroll through threads and you’ll see everyone is vocal about this.


Oh I get it. He only joined 30 minutes ago, he hasn’t had time to read all the threads complaining about the chat filter yet and assumed we haven’t complained enough.

A thread to complain about us not complaining enough about a complaint.


I’m going to complain about this thread now.


And the circle of complaints is complete


Just so everyone stops saying it’s 17+


sorry I had to


Thank you so much for the correction!!! On point!!


That is a suggested rating by the APP Store. Scopely themselves rates their services in their TOS tied to the TOS tab form in game