Profanity Filter?


Ok so any possible word can be censored I see they don’t want our voices to be heard


AOL as in the old ISP is banned. like how lol i can say prick though thats ok


It’s rated 16+ now. It used to be 18 and mature then got bumped down to 13 and now currently 16+ for “User interaction”. Might as well remove the age restriction cause the ### all over gc makes people wanna avoid it completely. Even the biggest gc celebs who have no other home than gc is scarce in my region now because of it. This was the brain child of kalishane and it influenced a lot of her snowflake children of the Korn followers to push so hard for this. Without gc bantering the game has zero personality. Just like most people who don’t interact in game at all and are offended by anything just so they can feel something.



Where is the context on how the tool works. This needs to be explained since that “clever piece of tech” can’t tell the difference between a good word and a bad word.


I see a lot of people chatting on line, Kik, or whatever you use to chat outside of game. No one has really talked in my FC since this update. I refuse to talk in global now, I might offend someone’s eyes.
If they don’t like what your saying, block them. That’s all it needs.


You can’t chat in game when half the ■■■■■■■ words are censored.


Where are @JB.Scopely, @GR.Scopely or any of the developers to provide the context of the filter. This “clever piece of tech” is proving to be dumb as a brick!!! Oops excuse me, I mean #### as a brick!!!


Coming up :slight_smile:


Now i cant even say cvnts and thats our formal way of greeting!! i feel like i took a wrong turn somewhere and wound up in North Korea, where is Kim Jong Un!!!


The context of the filter should have been released when the feature went live. Especially if the filter can’t tell the difference between a good word and a bad word and needs time to learn. My faction has primarily been silent since the update cause they don’t want to get censored and then banned. Talk about having a good player to player interaction.


I got 24 hr ban for the evil trifecta of “wine” “beer” and “whisky”. So did someone else in the faction. Guess they are trying to reintroduce prohibition


Not being funny but what is going on JB can you respond without lol and give us an explanation


I told this ganna happen but bishs noobs didn’t listened. This update in chat too trash


This is the dumbest update ever created!!! If it’s a mature rated game why the bull to ruin the game? People will complain aboit trivial things but you’re ruining the game and for everyone. Regions look dead because of this “UPDATE”




Remember that time earlier in the week people commented how much they detested this bug riddled feature before the official update?



Worse update. Is this the part we let toddlers play the game now? Can we change the blood into confetti? Also, let the bodies look like they’re sleeping to cater to the toddlers please. We don’t want them to look like giant turds left by giant dogs.


Where is that chat context filter that you said was coming up 5 hours ago. An explanation on why that filter can’t tell the difference between a good word and a bad word needs to be addressed.


Apparently some machine learning software that is supposed to refine itself the more its used.

Sounds WAAAAAAAAY over-designed for a little mobile game. The conspiracy theorist in me thinks old $copley is beta testing some other product and needed a testbed of actual data to use.