Profanity Filter?


Roblox is a game made for real men and has 18+ content. Search it up


I was banned from chat and messaging for 24 hours for trying to say cigarettes in fac chat. I mean, really?Screenshot_20190207-191530


sure. were you also trying to discuss a bundle of sticks?


I am sure I was talking about cigarettes. My fac mate was talking about quitting.


I’ve stopped using chat altogether. No point when random words are blocked out.


Game is becoming a joke. The zombies are going to be clowns that your melee players are going to pie the clowns and the range characters are gonna be throwing the pies at the clowns. Human stages with become tickle fight.

Keep on pieing!!!


I was banned for spelling words in single letter’s.


hahha 3 bans and ur account gets locked, and need to pay 100k to get it back


what a ############# joke lmao


I was banned for saying the same thing another faction memeber said that wasn’t censored!


Pretty sure you have to be reported. How many friends do you have in these factions?


Only joke is this company


Who are you?? That’s my faction talking in global chat in your screenshot.


The censorship ban is letting some people say cuss words and others getting banned for saying the same thing?! The game drops cuss words in all the roadmaps and then makes the players that spend thousands of dollars be careful of what they say, like we are 10 year olds, when majority of the players are adults. This issue needs to be fixed or a lot of people will quit playing this game, and the f2p kids that this ban was created for will be the only ones left playing.


The censorship is TERRIBLE. This game is for ages 17+. There is no need to censor us. Ya’ll use the word ‘Fuck’ like a comma in a sentence in the comic cutouts in the roadmaps. The censorship should be OPTIONAL. Instead of worrying so much about what we are saying, you all should fix the game.

Like territories. You try to dewalker a territory and it kicks you out before you can put a team in. OR you finally get it cleared and you put a team in and it kicks your team out while still under Shield for no apparent reason. Having trophies for leagues in territories is also ridiculous.

Pop ups for territories when logging into the game. If you’ve not been on in a couple of hours you have to wait 10 minutes before you can touch anything on your screen because of the notifications. We can’t turn those off either.

Pop ups during war. You try to attack a camp and your offer for the night pops up. Why can’t we turn that off? It’s annoying and costs time. NOTHING should get in the way on our screens when we are at war.


I would understand them banning racist word but like you said swear words shouldn’t be a censored


I had typed “5 year old” into FC, only to have it go to ### #### ###


We’re not even talking swear words. ‘Forum’. ‘Google’. I had ‘4 hours’ censored. Stupid.

Stupid’s probably censored too!


The word “link” is censored. I was trying to help some link their account in chat.

finn: #### your account
other guy: finn you are a meanie head
finn: no dude I am trying to say you need to #### your account to FB
other guy: sob sob. Cyber bully.

See my other post about failing on everything.


The letter P, as a stand-alone, was also censored ffs. This nanny bs is insane. Man do I despise the snowflakes who pushed for this crap.