Profanity Filter?



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Orale vato loco.


The thing is people are getting the 24 hour ban for ridiculous reasons … Your awesome piece of tech needs a tune up


Oppenheimer that he was on to some top notch tech, too…


Just throwing it out there… based on the 1,465,654 threads. I’ll just add another on there! We are not children (at least not supposed to be children)!!!

Btw… my factionmates can type WTF but when I do, mine gets censored. Why?


Probably because it was coded by some ####### ######


I agree that the filter is way too sensitive. There is no need for it in chat especially faction chat. That is why there is a faction leader to moderate the faction. Players should have the option to opt in if they want one.


They want to add a chat filter,Remove Raid losses All the while,Territory’s are still broke and THE LEAUGE MISSION STILL DON’T WORK!!!


They clearly can’t fix the territory issue. They have blamed it on devices in the past which is a obviously ridiculous. Nobody takes rep seriously. Shouldn’t take raid losses seriously either. Lots of players try and auto them.


Check the votes on raid losses. Half of them are nabs probably. How dafuq u dont care about K/D ratio? Only if u suck at it :joy::joy:


Plenty of people if diamond 5 with well over 1,000 losses. As a matter of fact, what many consider to be the best player has 3,382 losses. Nobody cares about losses.


Trust me people still care abt losses lol.


The people who care about losses are the people who skip all the whale teams so they don’t lose… which is exactly why wins and losses don’t mean anything. Anyone can raid mirabelle teams over and over again. Please.


If it doesn’t matter then why would they take the time to remove them


I don’t think it should have been on their priority list but everyone posting is making it seem like it’s important. It really means absolutely nothing.


One of the fun parts of the game for me was keeping my ratio of losses to wins below 10%, now I’m flying in the dark…

It was also a useful way of sizing up a new recruit, when considered in conjunction with other indicators. But lowered def teams kinda killed the w/l ratio anyway.


Ricky can u tell us whats your win loss ratio?:slightly_smiling_face:


I agree but think of all the people who actually cared abt there 40k raids to like 300 loses, as hard as it seem people actually care. I stopped caring long ago :joy:


Lol they just updated it and my losses are gone. But I have 19,106 and I was in the 900 range losses. I want to say half of them came from autoing while at work just to waste gas.


My point is… it doesn’t paint a clear picture. A player with 4,000 raid losses is not worse than a player with 300 losses.