Profanity Filter?


I was just letting people know in fc that when I checked in I was redirected to Google play for an update and Google was bleeped!! Wth!!??


@ is blocked… So how is this profanity

You can’t let someone know you are replying to their comment?


People were asking how I got the update and I replied that when I checked in I was redirected to google play for the update. It bleeped “Google”!?


And yet shit posts just fine. Is this meant to encourage ripe language?


Site is also blocked. People really pushing the limits there.


If I remember correctly, Goog is Latin for in the anus while le translates to urine. Hence pee in my butt.


This is just ridiculous. Its so hard to hold a conversation when you cant type more than a couple of sentences with some words being blacked out. Annoying and unnecessary as hell. If people are really that bothered or offended they should just block the person being offensive. This is a game rated Mature 17+ yet we are reduced to vocabulary that is below elementary school kid level. If you intend to have this as a game for children then by all means do so but change your rating over in game description and get rid of the gore, violence, swearing within your story lines. It is very hypocritical that all of that is allowed in a game that is aiming at “family friendly chat”. As for the banning more of Scopelys crap half assed accomplished jobs. There are people getting banned for “too many chat violations” chat violations that happen because too many words or combinations that shouldnt be blacked out are. So what next time i try telling someone my kid is watching so and so on Youtube and I keep looking for a way to get my point trough ill get banned too. In the past there have been people that have been straight up rude and never had they been hit with a ban. But now people are being banned right and left with out reason. Why? Because the people in charge are too lazy to check if a banning is warrented or not.




You can get ba nn Ed for spelling words by single letter’s.


I was just banned for typing cottontailninnymuggins


This game’s made for ADULTS & we’re being treated like CHILDREN.


Are you a community manager? Or a feckin troll feeder?



I can understand blocking things racist or HIGHLY offensive words… but Schit, dam, asss should not be blocked. I capitalized highly bc some ppl get offended by everything… like when I fart in front of them… like what’s the big deal?!


Nobody wants to smell butt air. That’s the big deal.


Nobody wants to smell the butt air flowing from your mouth


This new chat feature is ridiculous.



But seriously, I am banned right now because I typed BS. Didn’t spell it out fully. Didn’t give it any context. Just simply typed two letters. We’re adults Scopely. If you want this game to be for children then every time I go to purchase something ask me to have a parent log in for me.


So bad. So, SO bad.


Dude, pinche puta gets through.


Haha well time to use my street Spanish skills.