Profanity Filter?


I think they put the chat censor on the wrong game. This was probably intended for their new Looney Tunes game.


bit hit mate. from someone else

So tell us whats wrong here and how fix vocabulary


“atin” would be considered not a normal word, fyi


100K minimum in level up? Way to set the bar high


spelling error mate


Not even mine m8 1.25m is min for group am in…


We have a few new players and just want activity.


Love how your pfp says vk lmao troll on


Love how you actually look like a sleepy panda in your pic :+1:


100k lvl up, 500raid, SR silver… not that hard


Theres plenty of need to create recreate and continue talking about it until Scopely gets it through their heads that this is bs. Whose side r u on anyway?


U sound retarded rn.


It’s blocking regular non profanity. Like " Have A Nice Day."


That’s what I was wondering Trout why these things didn’t get worked out in beta


Is anything ever actually worked out in Beta?


It’s never left in beta long enough. Then when problems are noticed and reported they are ignored. Beta is nothing more than a spring board to everyone else.


That Made me cringe so much


I can find some more for you if youd like…
You got your heart set on Christina Aguilera?


Can’t believe they don’t work on the weekend. This needs a resolution.

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