Profanity Filter?

Not sure if its been suggested before but why not just put in a profanity filter that can be turned off and on? Most mmos do this these days and we would actually be able to have a conversation without clean words being blocked out as well.


Yes please! @JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely @Kodak_black @Wanderer please take this to the team.


@Kodak_black has taken it to Jim. (lol)


Also in what context does the word “is” count as profanity and hence get blocked

So…Are you taking this to the team?The reception has been mostly negative for a filter.

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@JB.Scopely Jim is taking care of it as we speak.


This is amazing!

Yes, we’ll shortly provide some more context on how the tool works. It’s a clever piece of tech, and the fact of getting filtered more than intended most likely comes from players “challenging” the tool, and trying out the extent of what is or isn’t moderated (I’ll expand on this shortly)


It really is a nice piece of technology I know ppl may not be too thrilled about it at the moment but in the future the community will enjoy it.

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So, your saying when I type 5 year old, it gets hashtagged out, that I’m challenging the system?

Now that is the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard today, thanks for making me smile :expressionless::expressionless:


Why don’t you have a seat?



Lol! “Can i leave now?” Yes youre free to go… proceeds to get tackled by police

On a more serious note didnt want this to be a negative post. We all know basic words are being censored. Was meant to just suggest a way to tackle this subject that works well on other mmos.


Someone in my faction was acting like a 5 year old, long story, so I told them to stop acting like a 5 year old and grow a pair :grinning::grinning:

I truly think the option to turn the filter on and off is a good idea. League Of Legends does that, and it works fine.

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It’s not challenging it when basic words are blocked for no reason


Someone in my region told someone else to “Have A Nice Day” & it was all blocked out. It’s just blocking out all kinds of Non Profanity word’s. Maybe this New Bot needs to be sent to School.


Dont think typing amazon or google is challenging anything.


howdy folks is censored for me, it might be fine now but when i first tried it i got censored

Lmfao so challenging the tech is writing out words like: annoying, forums, hates me, fml, wtf, google, youtube.etc. Yeah those are terrible, good thing you rid RTS of those horrendous words. Even tho the game itself cusses. Makes perfect sense. And god forbid I need to use my leaders name Exorcist…because thats just too scary of a word to allow.


I was just letting people know in fc that when I checked in I was redirected to Google play for an update and Google was bleeped!! Wth!!??