Problems with tapjoy videos


I haven’t used tapjoy videos for a while, but I’ve watched a few today. I’ve noticed that after I finish a video, I get a notice that says there are no videos available. Normally I receive my coins immediately afterwards, but after an hour, I still do not have my coins. I know that there is generally a 24 hour grace period between watching videos and receiving coins, but it’s not responding as usual, so I thought I’d check if anyone else is having issues.

So, has anyone else noticed issues with tapjoy videos? If so, could you explain what’s going on for you?

I've been robbed on 90 coins! 😃

Somebody mentioned on here yesterday experiencing the exact same issue, I’ll see if I can find it


I get the same “There are no more offers available” message a few times while watching my usual 30 vids. But my coins are there afterwards.


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