Problems with Raids


For over 2 weeks now i have been unable to raid any opponent other than a 1 star toon. I can avenge faction members against any team but when i search opponents all i get are the 1 star toons. This means when a raid tourney is on i can only win 4 raid trophies which means i have no hope of achieving milestones for myself or my faction ( my faction is veryunderstanding). Repeated enquiries results in the stock standard Scopely replies ( we are looking in to it … appreciate your concerns , etc ). Surely it cant be that hard to rectify one glitch. If faction onslaught ( a stupid concept ) , halloween events and the rest can be coded and included on a regular basis by the developers , then surely after a log in streak in excess of 820 days , buying the 30 day pass and being loyal to RTS , you would think maybe , just maybe they could rectify this problem. This all started after a region transfer which has not improved the game but rather ruined it. With these trophies introduced territories are now a joke.


Go into your view teams, and make a new team, hit the auto button at the top so auto assemble your best team for you. Then set that team as your defense team, temporarily. Then you can reset to your original defense team and it should be fixed. This was a bug a few weeks ago when they introduced the new system and this was the fix for it. Many people at the start could only raid 1 star teams until you reset your defense team rating.



Thanks for the heads up, and apologies for the trouble caused with your raiding experience.

While @DddyMac13 tip stands correct, it may well be an effective turnaround to bypass the issue, we also observed a few players still affected by this.

Our tech staff is currently investigating the issue further, to have it sealed off.

Please do let me know here your current player name / faction name / region name, so I can further document our tech team with another case, that will lead to a faster resolution of the problem for all impacted players.

Many thanks


Yea i raided a 1star last night i hope it doesn’t hhappen it again


Thanks for your help. I,l try that


Your staff has about 12 messages from me already through ingame support. Nothing fixed yet for me


Didnt work but thanks for your help. More help than scopely has given me in 3 weeks


My game name Wolverine , faction name Team 1 , region Chilton


@JB.Scopely I have also been having this same exact problem for about a month now. I havent been able to get any help through support either. My ingame name is AmyDH, my faction is The Duck House, region is Carroll.


Sorry to hear Amy. You would not think it that hard to fix. Did it start happening after a region transfer?


It did start happening after a region transfer. My entire faction moved but it didnt happen to any of them. I actually moved a day earlier than my factionmates just to start getting us set up. When I transferred it was during a solo raid tourney so I wonder if that has anything to do with it. Its VERY frustrating to not be able to compete in tourneys due to only getting 3-4 raid trophies at a time. I just want my raid milestones :cry:


Just got mine fixed , finally. Missed out on 5 raid tourneys , museum collections. No sorry or compensation at all. Hang in there


Mine was fixed as well. Im honestly not sure what fixed it. Its upsetting to have missed out on so many tourneys, prizes etc… but I guess I am just happy to have it fixed.


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